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Meet: Col. S.S. Yadav

Col. Yadav has competed in a couple of national windsurfing championships, in Goa and the Lakshadweep Islands. He's also done a spot of hang-gliding, car rallying and a fair amount of whitewater rafting on rivers in the Himalayas (including the Shyok in Ladakh). While posted in Sikkim, Col. Yadav planned and executed two expeditions, the first to circumnavigate the state (crossing many a mountain pass above 14,000ft) and the second to organize a 1000km "cyclothon", starting at an altitude of 17,000ft in North Sikkim and finishing in West Bengal. Col. Yadav is currently flying helicopters, essentially offshore, and occasionally with VIPs - it is, he says, as much an adventure activity as any he's participated in, and helps keep the adrenaline flowing! .

From: Mumbai, India
Languages: English

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I was hooked when I first got on to a windsurfer at the National Defence Academy in Pune, where I was posted in the early 1990s. The NDA, located next to the scenic Khadakwasla Lake, has an active sailing club. As a self-taught windsurfing enthusiast, I was able to motivate and train many a youngster in the NDA (and outside). I remained an active windsurfer for as long as I was in the Army, and wherever there was water bodies close by. I had a memorable experience on Lake Tsomoriri (about 200 kilometres southeast of Leh), where I windsurfed while it was snowing! At 15,000ft, this was the highest place I have ever windsurfed!! But windsurfing on the high seas is something that I wouldn't ever miss. Negotiating the blue waters, strong winds and huge waves - and the ever-present danger lurking in the dark, inky-blue waters below - is a different ballgame altogether. I got the opportunity to pit myself against the elements when completing a 400km journey off the eastern coast of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, from Diglipur in the north to Port Blair; I attempted this not once but twice, and with novice enthusiasts. I've also gone "island-hopping" in Lakshadweep - "surfing" from one remote island to another, then crossing the high seas to land at Kochi, a long and arduous journey of 515km over a period of 10 days. I still enjoy the occasional opportunity I get to windsurf when I am in Lakshadweep but nowadays I prefer scuba diving or snorkelling. I don't windsurf as much as I once did but I'm smitten with flying - offshore over the blue expanse - and landing on tiny decks!! .

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 Dear Sir, I am very much impressed by our achievements in windsurfing. I am also self learned wind surfer and mostly surf with my few friends ( now mostly retired from windsurfing) here in Tapi river Surat Gujarat. I have a dream of crossing bay of khanbhat ie from Surat to Bhavnagar. But non of my friends showed interest or motivated me, moreover I am also afraid as I dont have any knowledge of sea. Sir going through your post I am again motivated to take up that dream and i feel that you can be the best mentor for this job. I seek your help in to pursue my dream . can you please help me in training and planning for this adventure .
2631 days ago
Not Yet Answered
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