Explore Bungy Jumping in India

Bungee Jumping in India

Bungee Jumping in India

Engaging in bungee jumping in India is a great idea to get some thrill and the much-need escape from the daily mundane life; only if you do not get weak on your knees when you are at a height. It is for the brave-hearted and those who simply love the rush of adrenaline. This adventure sport has become a craze in the country in the past few years, with it being offered at various locations.

So, if you think you have it in you to do indulge in this adventure sport, then you must head to a place nearby, where it is organised. A great idea can be going for this activity in a group because each would have his or her experience to share; something that can be cherished forever.

About Bungee Jumping

In the activity, you will be fastened to a harness attached to a thick rope. Once all safety procedures are performed, you will jump from a jaw-dropping height. However, the excitement does not end here. The rope has considerable elasticity, which means it has the ability to stretch beyond its actual length. As it stretches to its maximum length, it will push you up again. This dropping and hoisting will continue till all the energy, stored in the elastic strands of the rope is lost, and then you will come to a dead stop.


Though there are no specific requirements health-wise to enjoy this thrill, you do have to be physically fit. It is advised that at the time of taking the plunge, you should not be suffering from high blood pressure, your heart rate should be stable and your joints should be strong enough to withstand twisting, turning, dropping and being hoisted up with great force. As a precaution, people between the ages of 14 and 50 are allowed to take the plunge.

Another thing to consider is your weight, which should be heavy enough to make the rope stretch and light enough to not let the tension disintegrate it. Generally, the accepted weight limit is between 35 kg and 110 kg, but can change according to how much tension the cord can withstand.

The length of the rope is also of paramount importance. It should be less than the height of the ground from the platform. The launch pad is normally situated out in the open without any structures surrounding it. This is done so that you do not hit them, while you bob and swing. Before you start, trained instructors will brief you about what to do and the safety aspects of this exciting sport.

Most importantly, prior to indulging in bungee jumping in India, you will have to sign a form, stating that if you are hurt, it will solely be your responsibility. Once you are geared up, be sure to run a last-minute check to see that the harness is properly fastened and you are completely secured. You should immediately inform if you do not feel confident because jumping despite can be traumatising for some.

Destinations Offering Bungee Jumping in India

Bungee jumping in India can be enjoyed in a number of places, be it metropolitan cities or smaller towns.

  • Rishikesh: The holy town in Uttarakhand is also the place where some of the most thrilling bungee plunges can be experienced. It is apparently the only place in the country where you can jump from a fixed spot. Rishikesh offers you the jump from the greatest height anywhere in India. Know more about Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh.

  • Bengaluru: Bengaluru, the IT capital of India, is another amazing place to do such high-thrill activities. Here cranes are used as launching platforms, and these machines will hoist you up to 80 feet off the ground.

  • Delhi: Delhi may be among the safest places for attempting this daredevilry. There are many amusement parks and shopping malls where this sport is available. The good thing here is that at many sites, you are fastened to not one, but a whole system of ropes and a fluffy mattress is kept below. So if you fall, the mattress negates the impact of the free fall.

Time to Go for Bungee Jumping

There are no restrictions in terms of the weather and time to go for bungee jumping in India or anywhere else. Still as a precaution, you should avoid doing it when the winds are extremely strong or when it is raining.


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