What is Adventurenation.com?

Adventurenation.com is an online community where users can search for detailed information on adventure activities and adventure destinations; become part of activity-based groups ('Tribes'), learn from experts in every activity ('Gurus'), join trips organized in association with adventurenation.com alliance partners ('Adventures'), and access a calendar of adventure-based events taking place around India.

What is a Tribe?
How many members can a Tribe have?
Does every activity have a Tribe?
Can I create my own Tribe?
What is an Adventure?
Can I book an Adventure directly?
How many people can take part in an Adventure?
Can I create my own Adventure?
Are there Adventures in every activity?
What other events does adventurenation.com organize?
Can I post an event, based around an adventure activity, on adventurenation.com?
Who is a Guru?
Can I approach a Guru for advice?
How can I ask a Guru a question?
Who is a Chieftain?
Can anyone become a Chieftain?
Can I find information specific to an adventure activity in India?
Can I look for destinations in India that offer adventure activities?
Would I be able to find information related to adventure activities and adventure destinations outside of India?
Do you offer trips abroad?
How do you certify the tour operators, wildlife lodges and resorts that offer adventure activities and wildlife packages on adventurenation.com?
How safe are the adventure activities offered by the tour operators, wildlife lodges and resorts on adventurenation.com?
How ecologically sound and environmentally friendly are the tour operators on adventurenation.com?
What is AN360?