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Meet: Latika Thukral

Latika Thukral is co-founder of 'Iamgurgaon', an NGO she started in 2008 along with two other women. Prior to that, she had been working with Citibank for 18 years - Latika quit her job to spend time with her two boys, and pursue her dream of setting up an NGO to contribute to the betterment of Gurgaon, her home for the last 16 years. 'Iamgurgaon' is a movement that is attempting to create a platform to enable citizens of Gurgaon to work towards improving every aspect of life in the Millennium City. The NGO has been actively working with civic bodies and RWA's in Gurgaon. 'Iamgurgaon' aims to identify projects and proactively work with the local administration as well as corporates based in Gurgaon. For her services, Latika received an appreciation award from the Haryana Government, on Republic Day in 2010. 'Iamgurgaon' has been working with the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon in creating the Aravalli Biodiversity Park, a revival of a forest on 550 acres (approx.) of MCG land. Another initiative of the NGO is the planting of a million trees in Gurgaon - 40,000 have already been planted, in a campaign that has seen huge participation from Gurgaon-based corporates .

From: Gurgaon, India

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