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Meet: Sanjay Thapar

As befits a sky diver, Sanjay is quite an adventurous fellow. He served in the Indian Air Force, and has been skydiving for almost 30 years. Now in his sprightly 50s (he first jumped when in his early 20s), he's lost none of his sense of adventure: Sanjay still does around 100 jumps every year! Widely travelled, he has also pursued mountaineering, paragliding, powered parachuting, hot-air ballooning, skiing and water skiing!.

From: New Delhi, India
Languages: English

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I have been a national champion, and hold a few world records besides, including attempting 46 jumps in the space of three hours, and jumping with the largest Tricolour on the eve of India's 50th anniversary of Independence, in 1997. In addition, I have over 5000 parachute jumps to my credit in India, the highest number attempted in the country. I have also competed abroad, and led all three Indian skydiving teams that have toured. With so much experience under my belt, I've certainly had many memorable moments as a skydiver - both in terms of excitement and emergencies! In 1996, I attempted a jump at the North Pole, and in 1991, I led the Indian team that took part in the 6th World Cup, in Jakarta, Indonesia; we had to jump out of a Hercules aircraft to a small island - dominated by forest - in the middle of the sea .

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 Sir can you please guide me for the process of studying sky divng course??.
2256 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 hi. how can i get in touch with you in regards to some Mirage Containers / accessories available. Please contact me @ .
2626 days ago
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 hi sir. i would like to make a living out of sky diving. can you please tell me how i can go about the process? .
3356 days ago
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 kindly advice the exotic destinations for sky diving lovers.
3641 days ago | Tribe: Sky Diving
 hi sir i want to do skydiving do you have any suggestions to whom and where i contact .
3719 days ago
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