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Meet: Abhay Kanoria

Abhay, MD of Anglo French Drugs & Industries Ltd., was a sickly child in school, with neither the ability nor the inclination for sport. Things, however, changed 180 degrees when his parents sent him to Mayo College. When in Mayo, he did as the Mayoites do, playing soccer, hockey and cricket (among others sports). From a boy who was ill for four days every month, he transformed into a young man who would fall sick four days every four years!
In Kolkata, Abhay began riding horses, alongside taking part in cricket, soccer, table tennis and badminton. And after watching a thrilling polo match, he was hooked. On his honeymoon, he skied for the first time, with his wife - and another passion was formed (they manage it almost every year).
In the late 80's, when river rafting was in its infancy in India, the Kanorias carried their tents and rafts and were amongst the first people to ride the waves. Now older - but in all probability, no wiser - Abhay skies annually and rafts occasionally. His weekly thrill is golf and the daily grind is the gym

From: Mumbai, India
Occupation: Industry
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