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Meet: Harish Natarajan

Harish, a graduate of IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad, has been with multinational corporations (ICI, Pepsi, Baxter) all his working life of 24 years. Currently, he is managing director (Thailand, India and Indo-China) at Bausch + Lomb. Harish was very active in sports during his college days - he played basketball at university level - and has always been passionate about the outdoors. Among other outdoor trips, he has gone sea kayaking in Greenland and was part of an expedition to Mount Elbrus. He has also participated in the Raid De Himalaya car rally. And when time permits, he tries to go for small climbs in the Himalayas. Harish is married and has a daughter .

From: Delhi, India
Languages: English
Occupation: Business Executive
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