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Meet: Rahul Verghese

Rahul discovered his passion for running at 42 when he did his 2nd Marathon in Chicago in 2002 and got a silver medal (being the 25th anniversary of the event). He swore to come back 25 years later to earn a gold at the finish line. He then switched gears from his 25 year marketing career with Uni-lever, Nestle and Motorola to start Running And Living - a marketing venture with a passion for running. They now do 30 runs across 10 states of the country. The goal is to get 200 million people running.So if you are running away from him, Rahul can count you as one more person he has gotten running.

From: Gurgaon, India
Languages: English, Hindi, Running
Occupation: Marketer and Entrepreneur

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I got into running by accident, while posted in Chicago and experiencing the loneliness of a cold mid western suburban Winter. Little was I to know, that would change my life. Now 49 marathons across 6 Continents later, I am preparing for my 50th at Everest base camp this May. Our venture, Running And Living has a humble goal of getting 200 million people running. We do runs across the country on beaches, at high altitudes, in forests, in cities, along canals, and forts, to get people to experience the outdoors in a fun way. So if you don't run, we'll get you started. If you run on a treadmill, we'll get you out on the road. If you run on the road, we will take you cross country. If you run cross country, we will take you onto sand, mule tracks or no tracks to forge your own. Come and discover the champion within, run out in the wilds and become one with nature and live life to the fullest. I also love skiing, photography and the guitar while not on the run.

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 Sir, Can u please provide me route for practicing cycling , I just want to prepare myself for MTB Events..
2679 days ago
 I want to visit gir forest. could you please let me kow the best time to visit. Thanks, Suma.
2680 days ago | Tribe: Wildlife Safari
2682 days ago
 Thanks Rahul. Will follow the schedule suggested. .
3113 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 Hi Rahul, Am a walker but struggle with running. While I can walk 10 km without breaking a sweat, I struggle to run beyond 1 km. How should I prepare for a half marathon? Tips. .
3113 days ago
3522 days ago
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