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Meet: Alistair Scott

Alistair "Scotty" Scott has been with Flying Fox for more than two-and-a-half years. He came here after learning his 'ropes' in southern Africa. Hailing from the county of Staffordshire, in the English midlands, Scotty has made India his home, and shuttles between the Flying Fox properties in Neemrana (near Delhi), Mehrangarh (Jodhpur), Ropar (Punjab) and Bhopal, though he bases himself in Delhi. He is also an experienced hand at climbing and kayaking

From: Delhi, India

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My first experience of a zip line was at a kids' activity centre in England, when I was 19 years old. After that, I then spent a fair bit of time in Africa, in Zambia and South Africa, where I learnt how to build, maintain and look after zip lines. My passion for zip lines has brought me to India, where I'm currently Operations Manager of Flying Fox. As far as memorable high-wire activities go, the one in Livingstone, Zambia - alongside the 'gorge swing' near Victoria Falls - is right up there as a highlight. The high wire here, which is similar to a bungee, extends over the spectacular Batoka Gorge, suspended above the River Zambezi. At the end of last year, we constructed a new zip line over the Kerwa Dam outside Bhopal - the longest such in India. This is also memorable for there are two zip lines side by side .

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