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Meet: Asta Maharjan

Asta was a 14-year-old when the lure of the rapids called him. By the time he was 18, it was a lure he stopped resisting. Since then, the rivers of the Himalayas have been his home and his life. A genial soul, Asta has been with Snow Leopard Adventures since 1993, conducting rafting forays on the Ganges in Shivpuri for a growing tribe of rafting enthusiasts .

From: Shivpuri (Rishikesh), India

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I got hooked on to rafting in my early teens, when I went on a day trip with friends. Rafting became more than a hobby after school, and after only one year in college, it became my life. I belong to Nepal, and built up a lot of experience by rafting on almost all the rivers back home, over a span of eight years, before I came to India in 1993. Over here, I have rafted the Bhagirathi, Kali, Alaknanda, Sutlej, Indus, Tons, Yamuna and Kosi rivers, as well as the Teesta and the Rangit in Sikkim. I especially remember a wonderful trip down the Bhagirathi a trip which, sadly, is now not possible following the construction of dams. The Bhagirathi had a couple of very good rapids, and was a river where you had to think. Also, I always look forward to rafting on the whitewater-filled Kali-Sarda, amid the scenic beauty, wildlife and birdlife, on the Nepal-India border .

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 Hey Asta, Rafting On? .
996 days ago
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2261 days ago
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 Does rafting continues in June and July in any place.
3423 days ago | Tribe: River Rafting
 why do people sink while river rafting even after using life jachets and all equipments?.
3433 days ago
 where does this question get posted?.
3434 days ago | Tribe: River Rafting
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