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Meet: Deeya Bajaj

Having a father who's the epitome of the adventure traveller can only have had a positive influence on Deeya Susannah Bajaj. She has taken to winter sports as if to the manner born - proof of that is the endurance expedition she undertook, aged only 17, across Greenland. She is also a PADI certified Advance Open Water Scuba Diver and has completed the Adventure Course and The Basic Mountaineering Course at the Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering. The intrepid Deeya is very much a chip off the old block! .

From: Cornell University, New York / Delhi, India
Languages: English,Hindi
Occupation: Student

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I have been downhill skiing since I was 10 years old, and had my first encounter with cross-country skiing when I was 17. That first experience of cross-country skiing was in Greenland, where I was part of a month-long expedition across the icecap. The trip across Greenland was, of course, an amazing experience. It was extremely challenging, for we had to cope with temperatures that plunged to as low as -40C, and wind speeds of 30kmph. We would be skiing for eight hours every day - we eventually finished the expedition in 19 days! Apart from Greenland, I have also skied back home in India, in Gulmarg (Kashmir). In the coming year at Cornell, I'm going to be an instructor in cross-country skiing, as a part of the University's experiential learning initiative

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 how i can join in your team. .
1665 days ago
 hey diya how r u?.
2700 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 hi deeya. i need a lady companion like you for ski. can u pls reply me on my mail id or on facebook
2897 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 Hey Deeya, Have you encountered anything unusual during your expedition?.
2954 days ago
 Hi Deeya, looking for places in India to ski!.
2989 days ago
 Hi Deeya, can you please tell me how to strengthen my knee for skiing , i have been lazy and it is acting up.
3001 days ago
 I'm planning on going skiing, what clothing would you recommend?.
3011 days ago
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