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Meet: Bhupendra Singh Rana

The much travelled "Bhupi" is India's Mr Kayaking. His endeavours have helped kayaking win new converts in the country. In 2013, he organized the first ever kayaking competition in India, an event which turned out to be a great success besides giving much-needed exposure to kayaking in India. Bhupi is also the first Indian whitewater kayaker to be sponsored by an international brand (NRS, makers of kayaking gear)

From: Delhi, India
Languages: English

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I have been kayaking professionally for 10 years. I first kayaked when I was 18, on the mighty River Ganges - the rush that you get when kayaking through big rapids is like no other feeling in the world, and I knew I was hooked. I have been kayaking around the world ever since. There have been so many memorable kayaking moments in my career. I have been lucky enough to kayak on the White Nile in Uganda, numerous rivers in Norway and Austria, and all over India. One of the most memorable was when I competed in the 'adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship', in Austria in 2012 - I was the first Indian to participate in the event. Kayaking is a huge sport around the world but only just beginning to catch on in India. My passion for kayaking has opened up a world of opportunities for me. I have been fortunate enough to work in Norway for the past four years, and in Uganda for two seasons. But my dream is to one day have kayaked in every continent in the world! .

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