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Meet: Karan Singh Rathore

Working in the tea estates in Kerala gave Karan the opportunity to indulge in his love for the outdoors - he spent all his free time there in sporty pursuits, mainly trekking or angling. It was only after he left planting and moved to Rajasthan that Karan started the now-successful Camel Safaris and Desert Treks .

From: Rajasthan, India

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I have been conducting camel safaris in Rajasthan for 15 years now. But I have been an outdoors person for all of my life. My father was a tea planter in Kerala, and I too worked in the tea estates, for 10 years, after I left college. I spent part of my childhood on a farm, once father had gone into farming after leaving the tea gardens. My earliest experiences were at hunting school and in college, when we used to hunt chinkaras on camelback. I've also done the typically touristy thing, and gone on a camel ride! But it was the camps in Rajasthan that got me interested in organizing camel safaris and treks in the desert. One trip I especially remember is a very long one, of 20 days, across the Thar Desert and into Gujarat, when I did a recce with some Canadian adventurers. I've also conducted 10-day camel rides within Rajasthan .

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 Sorry and it would also help to know what typical, basic costs are, given a total party of say 19 and 18 days in country. Jim.
2226 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 Dear sir, we have been trekking for 12 years in the Moroccan Sahara from Manchester grammar school, with parties of 15 boys and 4 staff covering 300 km on foot. We have done this wearing traditional local clothes. It has been very successful and has affected our pupils deeply. Sadly we have had to cancel our trip this October because of major security concerns and I am exploring alternatives for the future for October and March. Given the nature of our pupils we try to keep the cost very low and no luxuries are required. The pupils are well prepared before they leave the uk and usually walk 25 to 30 km on foot each day, all staff are experienced in the desert and one is an international mountain leader. We have been lucky to work for many years with an I country guide and fixer and now seek the same in a different safe location - it would be a help to know whether that is what you do, whether you can del with airport through expedition and return etc. obviously I can explain in greater detail if it is up your street. Yours sincerely Jim mangnall Deputy head Manchester grammar school, Manchester UK PS I have concluded that my first attempt to message you failed .
2226 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 Dear sir, I hope you may have received a message from me from Manchester in the uk regarding school desert trekking in the thar. If you have not received a message please let me know and I will repeat it. Many thanks Jim mangnall.
2226 days ago
Not Yet Answered
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