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Meet: Amita Dhankar

I do Nothing but sleep!.

From: Gurgaon, India

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I have been into adventure for 35 years; Currently, I'm Vice President of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation.It was during my first year in college, in 1980, that I became interested in climbing. We did a number of new routes in the rocks at Susunia and Joychandi in Purulia District. Later I led my first expedition to a group of peaks called Jogin I,II and III, all of them between 20,000ft and 21,500ft. The second peak was a virgin peak, of which we made the first ascent. I've been part of 14 major Himalayan expeditions, and all of them have been memorable in one way or the other. Kamet, because we had to do a rescue from both the West Ridge and the traditional route, Sudarshan Parbat is a great climb, I attempted Satopanth peak twice on one occasion single handed opening the route to the North Col. I also had the chance to climb outside the Himalaya, Elbrus (Russian Caucasus) and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), more recently (2015) the Cosmiques Traverse on Aiguille Du Midi, but of course nothing beats the Himalayan challenge.I am also a sky diver, and have pioneered paragliding training in India, as Principal of the Gulmarg Ski School, way back in 1992. Besides, I also owned and operated a hot-air ballooning company in Sri Lanka for a couple of years. I think climbing and outdoors can enrich your life like nothing else.

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  Ask Amita Dhankar
 Thanks Amitji for ur reply, If someone starts offering basic mountaineering course privately, I wud request you to let me know. If I make up my mind for the same I wud like to join n enjoy the thrill of it.. .
2911 days ago
 Hello Amitji, I am 44 year old mumbai resident.. m i eligible for basic mountaneering training in any institute? I guess its late ... but before 50 i want to do treks to some places .
2912 days ago
 Hiiiii Sir I am Tushar Please Call Me Mr. Amit Sir .
3083 days ago
 Hello sir! Its really great to read your travel expeditions to so many varied places!! I am working in disaster Management field. I read your article about expedition to arctic in The Hindu and want to know more about it as am enthusiastic to become part of it!!.
3089 days ago
 Call me Mr. Amit i am recevied Your Call Okkk.
3095 days ago
 Hello Mr. Amit This My Number. 09819454131.
3095 days ago
 Hello Sir, I am Tell me Hindi ok Your Not a Problem know ? Mr. Amit Chowdhury .
3095 days ago
 Yess Sir Please tell me My Ans. that's My Question ?.
3095 days ago
 Hiiii Sir, My Name Is Tushar Kashid I am Student . I am Stay In Mumbai . My Interseted Is See Swimming, Climbing, Adventure,Hikking,Campling, Sky diving, Survival It's My Hobbys . But My Faviourtes Hobbys Is Climbing Sir. I am Big Fan Of Bear Grylls. He Is Good Survival Expert In World .See Please Call Me Sir 09819454131 It's My Number ..
3095 days ago
 hello sir. i am interested in sky diving. i'd like to learn it and make a living out of it. can you please tell me how to go about the process? .
3175 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 I went to Bir in February and found some people offering Paragliding rides. Ho do I know it;'s Ok to ride with these people..
3258 days ago
 sir do u practice flying in goa.
3326 days ago
 Hello Sir!!! Greetings for the day. I want to start with Paragliding. What are the safety parameters one should take care about. And what is the right platform to start..
3327 days ago
 Hi Amit, would like to take up paragliding, any suggestions on fitness level. I do regular running for 20 minutes. but as I read more about sports it says one has to carry additional 8kgs on backpack(parachute weight). please advice..
3335 days ago
 Hi Amit. What trek would you suggest for an absolute beginner? .
3343 days ago
 How to register for the Rock Climbing event on 18/01/2014? The mail said about following the events link and replying with name, address,age etc but I cant find the same Pls help. And how to pay? on the spot?.
3409 days ago
 Dear Amit, I am 64 years,have no ailment,exercise/walk regularly.Is it safe for me to trek everest base camp. .
3413 days ago
 I underwent rock cliimbing course in 1971 at the age of 21 years in Ramanagaram hill ranges in Karnataka. Now I am 62 years, underwent heart surgery in 2000 but have good health. Can I trek to everest base camp. please let me know whether I am eligible..
3418 days ago
 Sir , I want to do para gliding, please give me some tips , that as a starter what are Do's and Don't .
3487 days ago
 Does Paragliding happen in Kashmir, if yes - where.
3530 days ago | Tribe: Jump in Jammu and Kashmir
 Hi Amit. Apart from Bir-Billing, what are the best locations for paragliding in India?.
3543 days ago
 Are there any good mountaineering sites around Delhi-NCR for training. I am looking for place around 30-40 kms around Delhi..
3558 days ago
  Which are the best destinations one can look for in India and abroad?.
3560 days ago
 Dear Wg. Cmd. Chowdhury, this is a great initiative. I would like employment with your esteemed organization. I offer lessons on how to write and compose songs, which i think should be included as an adventure activity, owing to the risks involved with such an endeavor. Please let me know how to proceed. Oh! Songs can be written in the outdoors too. .
3567 days ago
 What is a good time to go to climb Kilimanjaro.
3573 days ago
 Hi, please let me know where can i go for ballooning in India.
3610 days ago
 Hey Amit, Where can i do some rock climbing in india?.
3613 days ago
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