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Meet: Rajesh Ojha

A maverick at heart, Rajesh, the man behind Banjara Camps, is a pioneer in the field of camping in remote Himalayan locations. He moved from the plains of Uttar Pradesh to the base of the Shivalik Hills, as a young man seeking higher education (at Punjab University, Chandigarh). Subsequent rambles as a student led him beyond the foothills and known hill stations, and deep into the pristine Himalayas, instilling in him a passion for hiking and camping in uncharted mountain terrain. Rajesh is a veritable encyclopaedia for trekking and hiking in the Himalayas .

From: Delhi, India
Occupation: Adventure Tour Operator

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I finished my education in 1992, and in the same year the Indian government decided to open up the virgin region of Kinnaur, in Himachal Pradesh, to tourists. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to marry my passion for hiking and camping with the imminent personal need for a livelihood. So in 1993, I established the first camp in Kinnaur, in an apple orchard alongside the River Baspa, in the Sangla Valley.
And when the government opened up Spiti - also in Himachal Pradesh - I became the first (again!) to set up a camp in the area. For over two decades since then, I have zealously pursued a Star-Trek-like mission to explore strange new mountain worlds across the Himalayas and boldly set up camps (and small retreats) where few have ventured before. Besides, I have travelled extensively across the Indian Himalayas, as well as in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan .

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 How can we meet and work in joint venture..
3122 days ago
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 Hello, I'm Bharath from Hyderabad, Telangana region. I love adventuring and have no destinations in Hyderabad. I want to join in camping and some adventuring... plz. reply....
3308 days ago
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