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Meet: Commander Baath

Commander Baath introduced famed adman Prahlad Kakkar and his wife to scuba diving. A Navyman for 17 years, he now runs Infinity Scuba, the popular dive centre in forest- and mangrove-dominated Chidiya Tapu ('Bird Island'), in the Andamans, where he trains dive instructors and dive masters .

From: Andamans, India
Languages: English

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I took early retirement from the Navy in 2000 and started a dive centre in the Andamans in 2001, in the village of Wandoor, to the south of South Andaman Island. Since 2010, I have been running a dive centre in Chidiya Tapu, also in South Andaman Island. I learnt scuba diving in the Navy, although the diving one does in the Navy is totally different from recreational diving, which I got to do only after leaving service. Most of my diving has been in the Andamans - these volcanic islands I feel offer the best scuba diving in India. The Andamans have more marine life, more fish and more corals - although there is a downside, in that visibility in the waters here is unpredictable. In contrast, Lakshadweep, with its lagoons surrounded by reefs, has clear water - and because there is only one monsoon, one can dive here year-round .

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 Is there any Scuba diving centre in Goa!!Can we do certificate course in scuba diving in the centre at Goa? .
3054 days ago
 Good Evening Commander!!Can you tell me what is the difference between the recreational diving and professional diving.Is there any other location in the north/central India for diving?.
3060 days ago
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