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Meet: Manish Chachra

Another Jack of all Trades, with a successful career span of 10 years in Hospitality, Event Management, and the corporate sectors, Manish decided to let go of the anchor and set sail on the unknown seas of Entrepreneurship. He gave in to his passion for travel, motorcycles to be specific, and has been running Motorcycles tours in the Himalayas for the past 8 years. Never a guy to shy away from trying out new things, he has picked up Bird & Wildlife Photography as a new passion ever since his move to Dehradun..

From: Dehradun, India
Languages: Hindi, English, Punjabi
Occupation: Entrepreneur

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I don't remember how I was bitten by the travel bug, guess it all came from the fact that Dad had a transferable job and we just moved where he was posted. I started quite late in the Motorcycling scene in 2003. After getting to know the bike a bit better, in 2004, I set out on a solo trip and decided to freshen up my memories of one of the places I had stayed in growing up. Ever since then, I fell in love with the mountains again, and the romance still continues. The itchy palm and my itchy feet took me riding to the states of Assam, Nagaland, Rajasthan, Arunachal, J&K, Uttarakhand, Himachal, to name a few. And now, an international Motorcycle journey is what I crave for. My journeys also introduced me to adrenaline rushing activities such as paragliding in Bir Billing, rafting in Rishikesh, trekking in the Himalayas and it still continues. Other than that, I am a big-time foodie and a complete wildlife person. And when I am not riding my motorcycle, you'll often spot me taking pictures of birds or clicking Mother Nature in all her moods.

Past Adventures

  • Ganga Motorbike Expedition
    Ended on - 27/04/2016

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  Ask Manish Chachra
 Hi Manish, I will like to accompany you in one of your tours . Is their any tour which is schedule to happen in April ? .
3033 days ago
 Hi Manish, would love to ride with you. Can you give me a little idea on how I should prepare for a longer biking trip. I don't ride regularly. .
3033 days ago
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