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Meet: Vaibhav Nijhowne

With an experience of about 8 years, Vaibhav has led and organized cycling and motorbike tours all across India, covering terrain like Ladakh, Himachal, Rajasthan, Kerala, Sikkim and more. He is closely associated with the Cycling Federation of India and has worked for the Asian Cycling Championships 2013, Commonwealth Games 2010, numerous National Cycling Championships and is a certified Grade A National Commissaire. He has simultaneously worked as a mountain bike instructor for children's summer camps and has conducted many races, workshops and built bike parks as well. Not to mention a State Level silver & bronze medalist in track cycling!.

From: New Delhi, India
Languages: English,Hindi,Punjabi
Occupation: Entrepreneur in Adventure Sport and Tourism

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People ask me when I began cycling and they expect an answer like 3 years ago / 5 years ago, but my honest response is: I began at the age of 5 and never stopped! There was no gap! Despite a formal degree in IT followed by a successful career in the same industry, I was compelled to give it up to pursue my passion on 2 wheels. Cycles and motorcycles are and always will be my true calling! Beginning to cycle at the age of 5, getting my first motorcycle at the age of 16, racing the road and track cycling nationals at age 18, riding my motorcycle to Khardung La at age 21, and then getting engulfed in the rigmarole of life until it all came full circle and I was back where I began - riding a cycle in the hills of Coorg, teaching young enthusiastic school children how to catch air on a mountain bike! Such is life!!!There are few thrills paralleled to riding an MTB downhill. FAST. And there are fewer relaxing moments paralleled to touring on a cycle or motorcycle through ones countryside. Sharing such experiences with other like-minded individuals is the icing on the cake. My varied experience and interaction with riders, racers and travelers both local and international over multiple tours, events and disciplines gives me a broad perspective and understanding of the sport / activity, the needs of the participants, the lifestyle and the target audience.

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  Ask Vaibhav Nijhowne
 Hi Sir, I love cycling. However, I am a beginner & training myself in our street. Currently I stay in Chennai, Tamilnadu. I would like to get trained as a professional for cycling. Could you please train me?.
2713 days ago
 Hi Vaibhav I'm based in Dubai and keen on this Manali - Leh ride.. Do I need to carry a bike along or do you help organising a bike on rent there itself? Pls do send me an update. thanks Rahul Burman +97156 7887751.
3306 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 Are there vegetarian jain food available ?? And any precaution to take before going any kind of vaccination or health check up? .
3308 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 How far is Manali to Leh? I can do up to 60 KM a day on flat terrain. Can I manage this trip?.
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