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Meet: Moksha Jetley

When Moksha arrived in Manali in 2007, she saw a lot of bikers from around the world coming to the town for the ride to Leh. An American woman (a paying guest at her landlord's place) told her that she had travelled around India alone on a Royal Enfield! That got Moksha thinking: If a foreigner could feel free to travel alone around India, "why were we scared"? So she made up her mind to go on a trip to Leh - she was determined to find out if she could complete this tough journey. Her dream came true in September 2008, at age 46 - she recalls it as an "incredible experience". Moksha runs motor-biking tours around India (, from her base in Manali .

From: Manali, India
Languages: Hindi, English
Occupation: Adventure Tour Operator

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My father taught me how to ride a scooter when I was 15 and after that I could ride any two-wheeler. The first bike I rode was the "Java", when I was 16. Riding bikes has been my passion since childhood. As and when I could get hold of a friend's bike, I used to take it around the city. I always enjoyed it. I did a basic course in mountaineering and skiing from the mountaineering institute in Manali. I enjoy all kinds of adventure activities but right now, it is all biking. I like to travel alone to explore new routes for my clients (and make the itineraries interesting for them!).
I think my solo expedition to the Sach Pass (Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh) was the most memorable - and also the most wonderful - experience. Pangi Valley is a remote place and not at all a common biking route but I tried to gather as much information as I could - I started on September 3, 2011, and was back in Manali on September 8. As I came down the pass, it was raining very heavily and I was fully drenched and shivering with cold. The security people at the check post there couldn't believe it when they saw me alone on a bike. They first thought I was a foreigner but when they discovered my true identity, they became pretty excited. One of the officers informed me that I was the first woman in the world to cross the Sach Pass alone on a bike. It was a tough and very challenging journey, but, in the end, it turned out to be the experience of a lifetime.
So far I have been to Kashmir, the whole of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, some parts of Uttar Pradesh and - in the south - Kerala, Karnataka, parts of Tamil Nadu and Konkan-Goa. I'd love to take my bike to the northeast of the country. I have never been abroad so far but I would like to ride in Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan and Burma

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 Hello Moksha, Tell us about your next trip! Who can join and how?.
3511 days ago
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