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Meet: Mohit Oberoi

Mohit Oberoi is a mountaineer, Ironman triathlete and entrepreneur. He is also the author of the country's first rock-climbing manual, "Guide to Rock Climbing in and around Delhi". Mohit is the founder and owner of The Outdoor School, a climbing-wall manufacturer that has helped build nearly all of India's artificial climbing structures. He's also the founder of Adventure 18, India's first and most widely-spread outdoor-gear store .

From: Delhi, India
Languages: English

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I have been rock climbing for almost 30 years now. I was 12 years old when I was introduced to the sport, in 1984, but began to take it more seriously when I was 14. I was particularly happy when I achieved my hardest climb, a '7c+ French Grade' at Malham Cove, a limestone formation in Yorkshire, England. Another memorable moment for me was getting the opportunity to take part in the World Cup of Sport Climbing in October 1991, in Japan. Besides participating in events, I have also been coach to the Indian national sport-climbing team. My favourite destination for rock climbing is Krabi in south Thailand; in India, I enjoy climbing in Savandurga, near Bangalore. Outside of India, I have climbed in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, USA - mainly on the east coast - Japan and Thailand. When I was very active, I would climb at least three times every week. However these days, I am not as regular as I used to be. Instead, I'm more serious about pursuing other adventure activities, mainly triathlon - I completed the Ironman Triathlon in 2011 - and trail running .

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 Hi, thanks for your reply. Also wanted to know how does the rock grading system work in India? Is there any organization that formally grades the rock faces? In case not, then is there any general guidelines for Rock face grading...whether India follows UIAA or any other rading systems?.
3393 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 Hi Moht, have been climbing in and around Delhi. Have covered some of the rocks you have mentioned in your book. Had a query around the Old rocks in Delhi (Lado sarai). I have heard from here & there that climbing was banned on old rocks. When I checked with DDA, they dont have any formal circular. Would you have any idea on whether climbing was banned on Old Rocks in Delhi? If Yes, where should I check the status of the ban?.
3408 days ago
 Hi again Mohit, Thanks for your response the last time.. since then I've raced 5-6 triathlons (sprint & oly distance) & met a bunch of triathletes (including Ironman finishers) and am totally hooked onto the sport of triathlon. I am now writing to ask about your real forte - rock climbing! I've just recently moved to Gurgaon and am keen on starting a bit of sport climbing. I've barely ever done any, but was in Stephen's when the wall came up and had a few friends who were really into it. Any ideas on where & how to start would be much appreciated. Cheers..
3635 days ago
 Hi Mohit.. Kudos on the achievements! I'm doing my first tri in a few months (sprint distance to start with) and was wondering if you know any active triathletes in Mumbai? Would be great to catch up, compare training notes and learn about upcoming events. Out of curiosity, how long did you train for the Ironman?.
3906 days ago
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