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Meet: Mohit Aggarwal

Through school and college, Mohit found himself entranced by the wonderful world of animals and birds. The hours spent outdoors have left a deep impression on him well into adulthood (though he's found it hard to choose between money and his passion!). In addition to regular visits to wildlife parks, Mohit has worked with the World Wildlife Fund and Traffic India, in efforts towards the conservation of the musk deer and the Himalayan black deer .

From: Delhi, India

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I have been passionate about wildlife and the outdoors since my childhood days. My early interest was kindled by hours spent around a pond, catching frogs and snakes, and also by a teacher at school (who also happened to be a hunter), who would take us kids to see crocodiles at Harike Bird Sanctuary (in Punjab). Those crocs are no longer there, but my passion has only grown. I recall some interesting experiences out in the wild - and some near-misses! I remember my friends and I being charged by an elephant at Corbett - we had to drop our bags, our cameras, and run for our lives! On another occasion, I was just 50 feet away from a tiger, when visiting Mansingh Deo Wildlife Sanctuary, near Nagpur. I've also had a close encounter with a Himalayan black bear .

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Ajeet Bajaj Hi Mohit, Do you have an answer for this ? Mark Cohen Mark Cohen Hello Ajeet. Thank you for sharing this amazing site with me. There is a discussion in our media regarding the negative effects wind turbines have on birds and bats. I have read that some form of radar emitted from a turbine can discourage bats from approaching the rotating blades, and that radar can be used to track migrating or flocks of birds, and switch the turbine off. I have also read that painting the turbine blades purple will also discourage the approach of some birds. How can we garner the knowledge of ornithologists and animal behaviorists to help solve this problem? Be well.. 6 days ago .
3870 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 Hi. When and to where are you leading your next wildlife expedition. .
3918 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 Hi Mohit, Can you suggest few areas for exploring wild life around NCR .
4011 days ago
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