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Meet: Ajeet Bajaj

There is almost no adventure activity that Ajeet hasn't pursued. Certainly, one would have to search hard to find another chap with a similar enthusiasm for adventure. Whether it's rafting down the Zambezi, Colorado or Amazon rivers, or sea kayaking along the icebergs of Greenland or completing the polar trilogy - skiing to the North Pole, South Pole and across Greenland, nothing has ever seemed beyond his adrenaline-filled reach. For his numerous achievements, Ajeet has been recognized many times. Ajeet was conferred the ' Padma Shri' by the President of India in 2012. .

From: Gurgaon, India
Languages: English

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I caught the adventure bug early in life. My father introduced me to the Great Outdoors and started mountaineering while in school at The Lawrence School, Sanawar. Since then I have had a great time kayaking, rafting, skiing, climbing, and scuba diving around the world. Competing in National and International kayaking and rafting championships and completing the Polar Trilogy (comprising skiing to the North Pole, to the South Pole and across the Greenland) has been one of the high points..

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 Hello, Do you read this? This is a test from Admin.
414 days ago
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 congratulation Ajeet bajaj sir for being first father-daughter duo in India to summit Mt. Everest. i want to meet you sir, i live in south delhi. .
861 days ago
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  hi I want to raft in ladakh plz. advise. .
1221 days ago
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 Hello Sir.Even I like to circumnavigate the globe as you did.What was your journey like and how did you manage the funds for all the expeditions. .
1919 days ago
 Hello Ajeet. Thank you for sharing this amazing site with me. There is a discussion in our media regarding the negative effects wind turbines have on birds and bats. I have read that some form of radar emitted from a turbine can discourage bats from approaching the rotating blades, and that radar can be used to track migrating or flocks of birds, and switch the turbine off. I have also read that painting the turbine blades purple will also discourage the approach of some birds. How can we garner the knowledge of ornithologists and animal behaviorists to help solve this problem? Be well..
2516 days ago
 Hi there Mr. Bajaj. Would you say our little blue planet is in dire straits due to global warming? I've heard that our melting ice caps could create a change in our ocean temperatures..
2567 days ago
 Hi AJeet.... Is rafting going around currently in Rishikesh.... If yes please please suggest me few good camps.......
2573 days ago
2601 days ago
 hi baggage can you please send me a photo of bob and us , as bobs cousin is a friend of my . and i would like to show him also for old time memories . regards mojo.
2612 days ago
 please advice when i can meet you for discussing white water rafting courses ?????.
2614 days ago
 When I "FOLLOW" you, what happens? Do I get facebook updates, mail, RSS, etc.? Or do I get stuck on a ledge on a mountain? .
2622 days ago
Shirly Thomas Bajaj Hi Ajeet! What was the lowest temperature you encountered while on your South Pole expedition? .
2623 days ago
 How to get people around you more interested in -Outdoors. .
2624 days ago
 How important is First Aid training for any adventure sport enthusiast...
2663 days ago | Tribe: River Rafting
 Hi i want to raft in rishikesh. Plz advise?.
2692 days ago
 do u have any advice for a safe yet adventurous family holidays with youngs ones.
2694 days ago
 And when I logged in as Rajesh Kalra, using the credentials sent to me, why am I shown as Guest :).
2696 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 Hey Ajeet, I am planing to go bye Byk leh Ladak whould you please tell me the best way to reach and what are the things need to carry with me all time. Looking forword you answer Thank you, Sandeep .
2698 days ago
 hi I want to raft in ladakh plz. advise.
2698 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 Hi Ajeet. Do you get email notifications when someone comments here? Lets see....
2701 days ago
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