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Meet: Maninder Kohli

Maninder Kohli is a chip off the old block. He is the son of legendary Himalayan mountaineer, Capt. Manmohan Singh Kohli, member of India's first expedition to the summit of Everest (and the first man to introduce trekking in the Himalayas). Maninder earlier worked with Citibank for 20 years, and has found that adventure is a great way to unwind from the stresses of modern corporate life .

From: New Delhi, India
Languages: English
Occupation: Entrepreneur

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I was drawn to the mountains at an early age and over the years, my travels have taken me across the Himalayas and to more than a few places around the world. Besides trekking, I have also gone climbing, skiing, rafting and mountain biking. But my main passion is trekking in unexplored areas - I have taken part in more than 30 treks in various locations in the Indian Himalaya. I believe in, and strongly advocate, people taking to the outdoors. I feel that the "right" introduction to adventure can be a huge value-add in everyone's life. Currently, in addition to acting as the Managing Trustee of the Himalayan Environment Trust, and Honorary Local Secretary of the Himalayan Club, I am also closely associated with the Indian Mountaineering Foundation .

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 Wildlife safari at Sunderban Tiger Camp in Sunderban My wife and I are Seniors from Canada and are looking into this 3 day trip. We will spend the month of January in Africa and go to Wildlife Safaris. WE want to see the tigers in India. What are the chances? Some of your other tours look very interesting but those for later. I climbed MT Kenya this year and your Everest hike looks very interesting. Do you think this is a good trip to start out with your Company or can you recommend something else for 2-4 days of hiking for nature lovers. Abdul PIrani You may call me in Toronto, Canada DAYTIME ONLY at 416-647-5057 EST .
2107 days ago
Not Yet Answered
 Hi Maninder. You may not remember me. We went to primary school together at St Ives Central. My name is Gary Graham. It has been a long time. Send me an email at
2462 days ago
Not Yet Answered
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