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    Why Kailash Yatra Is Regarded As The Supreme Pilgrimage Tour?

    In the far west of the Tibet rests a divine mountain known as Mt. Kailash. Although full of challenges, the holy Kailash Mansarovar yatra attracts millions of worshippers from all around the world. Considered as the most striking mountain of China, Kailash stands tall like a gigantic Egyptian Pyramid surrounded by barren landscapes. The rumours are, the sacred mountain was created by a superior civilization in the ancient age. However, as of now, it is a revered site for pilgrims who wish to cleanse their sins of past and present lives. Pilgrimages have always been a keen aspect of every culture’s spiritual essence. Considered as the centre of spiritual existence in Hinduism, the Kailash Yatra holds importance for other religions as well like Buddhism, Jainism, Tibetan Bonpo. Drinking and bathing


    Winter Trek: How to prepare yourself for the icy walk?

    In the northern region of India, this year the winters have gone wild. Be it Delhi-NCR or the mountain settlements, the lord of winter is showering cold waves in full-throttle. But does it stop us from exploring the winter treks in India? No, with proper planning, and just the right clothes, we are going to make your winter trek, a fabulous one. As said by Aristotle “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” True! But first, you need to stop thinking that it is so cold, and I can’t go out of the goddamn blanket. Even a harsh winter is bearable with proper warm attire, and if you are planning to do a snow trek, it


    Hampta Valley Snow Trek - Photo Story

    “An adventure has no bounds; it can go as wild as you want it to be.” A few years back, I was just a run-of-the-mill kind of a person, who just talked about wild travel but never dared to live one. And honestly, there’re many people like me and all they need is just a push to move out of their comfort zone. So this winter, don’t just cuddle up in a blanket but make it adventurous by trekking to some of the most awesome places in India. One such place is Hampta Valley nestled in the vicinity of Manali in Himachal Pradesh. What a marvellous trek! You will be completely in awe of the charming aspects of the winter season this place depicts. However, it is best


    Sikkim Tour On Motorbike: A Whimsical Experience with Friends

    Sikkim, a tiny hill in one of the most stunning states of North-East India is sure to bring you peace and solitude on your visit. With cerulean lakes, lofty mountains, quaint villages, and pristine scenery, a road trip to Sikkim lure adventure freaks, nature-buffs, and trekkers owing to its myriad nature charms. This year in September, I got lucky as I was finally able to turn my holiday plans into reality. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life is not easy for an office goer. The happiness of just packing my bags and leaving for the vacation is unexplainable. I was yearning for a break! And for that matter, my holiday destination was Sikkim (Yayyy!) and if I could say “it

    Sleeping Buddha or Kanchenjunga Massif, as seen from Sandakphu Trek

    Sandakphu Trek - A Complete Trekking Guide

    Ranging from the Bay of Bengal in the south to the Himalayas in the north, West Bengal houses a wide range of opportunities for trekking. And if we talk about Sandakphu trek, it is a standout amongst the most pleasant treks around Sikkim. The most noteworthy point in West Bengal, the trek offers a phenomenal perspective of the Himalayas. The valley enhances itself, with clear all-encompassing views of snow-topped mountains, as you begin your adventure from Chitrey towards Sandakphu. The fascinating thing is, you traverse India-Nepal border a dozen times because Sandakphu majorly lies between India and Nepal. Sandakphu, as a town, is prominent on the grounds of West Bengal as it is the most elevated peak in the territory of that region. What makes it