The ultimate destination for party-lovers and youngsters, Bangalore is fast becoming an important tourist destination in India. The city is also known for being the nation’s information technology hub, in addition to housing superpowers like ISRO. The capital of Karnataka is known for its beautiful climate, famous eating joints and night clubs. The city also offers the finest cuisines and street food which is ideal for spending some time here. While touring the city, don’t forget to visit Cubbon Park, Vidhan Souda and Brigade Road, among a host of other important places. Bangalore is the most ideal place for trekking, as it offers a range of suitable landscapes and a favourable weather to carry out this activity. There are four locations which offer you the best experience and one must not miss trekking in these few places while on a trip to Bangalore.

Step out for an adventure today!
Step out for an adventure today! Pictured: Tadiandamol Trek

One of the best opportunities for trekking is Tadiandamol Trek. The trek takes people to the lofty and magnanimous Western Ghat. It takes place in Coorg, a place in Karnataka. As people climb higher up the mountains, they will be able to see a transition in the vegetation, from dense and impenetrable jungles to grasslands. The place also happens to be the home to a rich variety of fauna. As people traverse through the mountains, they will also encounter many pilgrimage sites and waterfalls on their way. The program offers pick up and drop from and to the hotel. The itinerary involves a visit to the Chelavara Falls and ultimately to the trekking site. Tourists will be served lunch during the course of their activity. They will also be offered a beautiful dinner alongside a warm bonfire. The tour also comprises of activities like river rafting. People can go to pilgrimage sites like Bhagamandala also. However, before leaving for the trek, please ensure that the shoes are sturdy and have a good grip. Adequate water is also a must to keep oneself hydrated during the entire journey.

Abundance of natural beauty and oh, the thrill of exploring it!
Abundance of natural beauty and oh, the thrill of exploring it!

Another exciting tour across the lofty mountains is offered by Kumara Parvatha Trek. It promises to be challenging yet a memorable activity. A three-day trip, the trek starts from the mountain summit, known as Pushpagiri. It is known to be one of the most challenging terrains in South India. The trek starts soon after a coach picks all the tourists up from Bangalore and drives them to a small town near the base of the hill. The first stage of the trek takes people through an easily-negotiable path leading to Battar Mane. Then the next stage of the trek to Kumara Parthava begins. It is after crossing Kallu Mantapa that you encounter the most difficult part of the trek. With steep climbs and a difficult terrain, the trek becomes a real challenge. Trekkers are supposed to ascend and descend halfway down the terrain on the same day. Supplemented with a pleasing and filling lunch and dinner meal, the trek will be a great experience for everyone.

Adventure Is Out Here!
Adventure Is Out Here!

For a short but memorable trek, Kuntibetta Trek is ideal. The trekking takes place on Pandavapura, a hill where, legend has it, the Pandavas resided after their exile from Indraprastha. The beauty of the hill is enhanced by a lake that hides behind the hill, making the entire location very beautiful and picturesque. The trek may be a short one, but it does not guarantee that people won’t find hurdles. There are places where the terrain becomes especially difficult to cross. But then, that is the real fun of trekking – facing challenges. For people who desire to be a part of this trek, they will first have to pass a fitness test, since the climb is quite challenging. For the purpose of the trek, there are some essential things that everyone show carry – a water bottle and good quality shoes. People may also be subject to scorching sunlight, hence, carry goggles and sunscreens. A coach will carry the guests to the site of the trek. As one starts the trek, the beautiful view all around is sure to impress them. The lake at the summit of the hill makes the place look all the more beautiful. People will also encounter many bushy patches on the way and they will have to crawl through it. This just increases the fun of trekking here. Upon reaching the destination, relax and have a great time admiring the view from the top.

Catch a sight of the village where Sholay was shot!
Get insider access to the village where Sholay was shot!

One of the most popular locations in the outskirts of Bangalore is Ramanagara. The place is known for being the shooting site of the legendary movie Sholay. It is for this reason that the place attracts tourists in great numbers. The place is filled with hills which gives it a beautiful scenic view. It is, indeed, an ideal destination for people who love trekking. Another interesting fact about the area is that when viewed from a particular angle, the hills in this region are said to resemble some Hindu Gods. Thus, this place is religiously very significant and sees a lot of devotees throughout the year. Ramanagara is also an ideal location for bird-watching, as one can find countless species of birds here, like Egyptian and Indian vultures. So as people trek, they can also watch out for some of the most amazing bird species that they might have seen. Leopards and bears can also be easily spotted in the hills.

Interestingly, many of the cliffs in this area have been named after the characters of the film Sholay. So it makes the experience all the more enjoyable. The climb isn’t particularly very treacherous, but people must watch out for some challenges on the way. It is important that guests carry water with them to keep themselves hydrated. They should also carry sun glasses and sun screen to protect themselves from the harsh sunlight. Good quality trekking shoes are a prerequisite for any trekking expedition. In order to do the activity, you need to be physically fit. So ensure that you don’t have any breathing problems. A quick warm up before embarking on the trek is recommended as it warms the body and preps it for physical activity.

These four are some of the best places for trekking in Bangalore. Tourists are at the leisure to choose from whichever trek or try out all of the sites, in case people are very passionate about the sport. It is indeed one of the best ways to spend a holiday in Bangalore.

Vacation season is the most favourite season of all, especially for children. Excitement entraps and intrigues your mind whenever vacations knock on your door. And it seems that the interesting phase of getting excited has arrived with the two most favourable months to visit almost any place in India, February and March! So get ready to embark on a pan India journey, and to have the most exhilarating experience of visiting some of the most sought-after tourist attractions in the country.


Shoot that adrenaline through the roof!
Shoot that adrenaline through the roof!

Being one of the most visited tourist spots, Delhi offers a plethora of activities for the entertainment of the tourists. Among several activities to do near Delhi, skydiving is one of the most thrilling experiences that you can have. There are three kinds of sky jumps, and Tandem jump is the safest of them all. For those who have any second thoughts about the activity’s safety, there is no need to be worried. There will be experienced instructors to assist them and also, the equipment will be checked thoroughly before use. Being suspended in mid-air at 10,000 feet above ground level and looking down at the earth below will be an experience in itself. Challenge your inner fear and do not let the fun go by!

Paramotoring in Gurgaon
Paramotoring in Gurgaon

With a range of activities available to do in Gurgaon, there is no reason to compromise with the fun expected by every travel connoisseur. For all those adventure seekers, Paramotoring is a unique activity to try. The thrill of flying in the sky offers a sudden gush of blood that heightens up the energy and makes one scream for more. It is an excellent choice to quench the thirst and craze for flying and the skies.

Bungee Jumping at Rishikesh Image Credits:
Bungee Jumping at Rishikesh

For those who wish to have some fun away from boring city life, there are many super exciting things to do in Rishikesh. The best adventure of all has to be bungee jumping in Rishikesh. With experienced instructors and well-maintained equipment, safety concerns should be kept at bay. So, get ready to experience a unique combination of fear, excitement, thrill and wonder. Tourists can also try camping in Rishikesh. Camping around thick Sal forest can surprise the tourists with a vast amount of greenery that its landscape beholds. In addition, it offers an exciting river rafting opportunity. With proper safety equipment and some training, grab the chance to embark on such an adventurous journey that allows you to marvel at the power that nature holds over man.




Hot Air Ballooning Rides in Rajasthan

Moving on from the Yoga Capital of the World to the Pink City, there is a range of things to do for travellers. A hot air balloon ride in Jaipur is one of the best ways to indulge in the beauty and historicity of the city. Apart from offering a bird’s eye view of the beautiful palaces and lakes of the Pink City, it also provides an opportunity to behold these fantastic sights and capture them in the camera to cherish later.

Rafting at Kundalika is an absolutely exhilarating experience!
Rafting at Kundalika is an absolutely exhilarating experience!

Maharashtra offers a multitude of activities that promises tourists a mesmerising experience. Kundalika River, one of the fastest flowing rivers in the state, offers thrill and excitement to adventure seekers, which is worth experiencing.

For those who have a fascination for flying, there is no better activity than paragliding. To imagine oneself flying with a pair of wings might sound unreal, but paragliding at Kamshet can provide a real-life experience of soaring high in the sky. With a set of certified pilots and flying enthusiasts, embark on an exciting experience and live the old dream of humankind, which is to fly like a bird without any age restrictions.

In addition, tourists can go for a hot balloon ride at Lonavala. Feel the freshness of the cool breeze and witness the picturesque beauty of the place, filled with mountains, waterfalls, forests and greenery, from a breath-taking height.

Magical underwater world!

Magical underwater world!

When it comes to tourism, Goa is one of the most preferred destinations by tourists from across the world. Known for its diverse and attractive water sports activities, it has a lot of exciting surprises to offer to the tourists. Scuba diving is an activity enjoyed by both elders and children equally.

For a quick glimpse of Goa, tourists can also try a hot air balloon ride. Apart from allowing you to experience an uplifting sensation, it also provides a great way to see more of the lush Goan countryside.

Gearing up for the microlight flight!

Gearing up for the microlight flight!

Give flight to your fantasy and experience the feeling of steering the plane across the limitless skies.
With an excellent mix of attractive sights and entertaining activities, Bangalore is an abode of dreamers. Among a plethora of things to do in the city, microlight flying in Bangalore is the most popular one. Soaring high above in the sky at around 4000 ft is a delightful experience. Irrespective of any age limit, the activity can be enjoyed by people
of all ages. Tourists can indulge in it anytime between 6:30 in the morning to 9.30 in the evening.


Multiple options for enjoyment and fun await the travelers heading from IT city to a great holiday adventure site, Port Blair. Water sports activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea diving and ocean walks are popular for offering an opportunity to dive deep into the water. Scuba diving is one of the most-sought- after activities to do in the area. Apart from admiring the rich coral diversity that adorns the waters, tourists can explore an underwater world full of fascinating formations of coral reefs, serenity and peace. With the help of the training given by certified instructors, enjoy this activity and let your fear vanish into thin air.

Enhance the excitement of your trip with a wide range of options available in the twin months of February and March and make your visit a memorable one.

Trekking in India is an experience only accorded to the luckiest of travellers. It is an exciting way to combine Ecotourism and Adventure Sports to add value to your experience. It challenges you and pushes the best in you to the fore so you always end up learning a few things about yourself by the end of each trek; be it easy, moderate or difficult.

India is home to a lot of accomplished travellers who have made the impossible possible. However, they all had to begin somewhere. So, if you are a beginner who is looking for a credible compilation of solid advice that ensures a safe, exciting and environment-friendly travel, read on!



  • Budgeting
    The first step towards going on a trek that makes for memories of a lifetime, and definitely begins your long tryst with adventure in India, is to have a budget. Allocating a budget to a trek is now easier than ever. If you plan to avail the services of a travel agency (which is recommended for a beginner), you can easily look up the fixed rates for different treks they offer in a certain region. A few travel companies also give you the option of making the payment in monthly instalments. So, save up because money is no excuse to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime!   
  • Research
    A very, very important point is to do a thorough research about the trek you’re going to take. Reading up on blogs such as these will be of great help. Contacting the agency is another way to gain some insight. You can also get in touch with some of your friends who have relevant experience.

    Your primary research should be based on where you’re going. This entails having information on the kind of region you’re headed to; its climate, flora and fauna, places to visit, local culture, etc. You’re secondary research should be based on how you’re going to do this. You should read detailed itineraries and decide whether it’s something you’re ready for or not. Your tertiary research should be based on what you’re going to need for doing the trek – this includes having knowledge about all the essentials, like water bottles and food items, trekking gear and other accessories, and medical aid that you will need while on the trek.
  • Easy Trek
    The excitement to take on tough challenges and shoot that adrenaline level through the roof can be exhilarating. It is important to understand that trekking requires significant training and clarity of thought and judgement to tackle adverse conditions at such high altitudes without compromising your own safety.

    So, for your first time ever, choose an easy trek. Choose a trek you can imagine yourself completing without draining yourself of motivation. Even though all treks can be tiring, easy or moderate treks are less dangerous and great stepping stones for bigger accomplishments in near future.
    Nag Tibba in Uttarakhand makes for a perfect beginner's trek
    Nag Tibba in Uttarakhand makes for a perfect beginner’s trek

    How To: Websites enlist all treks and classify them on a grading scale that has at least three scales– Easy>Moderate>Difficult. Look for this information and choose wisely.

  • Scheduling
    Scheduling is an important step for having a safe and exciting experience. Contact the guides and the trek operators in advance to know the detailed itinerary. Get in touch with other people who are going with you prior to embarking on the trek. Inform family and friends about your plans so if you need some immediate assistance, they can be called up. Remember, caution is better than cure.   
  • Fitness/Training
    On the same note, some amount of training prior to the actual trek needs to be taken in order to both build mental and physical stamina and get some motivation.
    a) Try walking at least 3 km everyday for three weeks up to the final day. Try completing one km in 20 minutes.
    b) Jog for about 1-2 km everyday for three weeks up to the final day.
    c) Try doing some yoga to improve breathing. This will help you to handle high altitudes.
    d) You should try exercising your shoulder and back so you don’t find it difficult to carry your bag on the back and trek for long distances.
    e) You should not smoke or drink while trekking. So, if you’re someone who smokes or drinks try steadily reducing it and then stopping it in the build up to the final day.
  • Packing
    Here is a list of things you might need. 

    Trekking Gear:
    Waterproof and well-broken shoes
    Waterproof backpack
    Down jacket
    Woollens: Sweater, Pants, Shirt/T-shirt, Socks, Gloves
    Cotton: Shirt/T-shirt, Underwear
    Sunglasses and HatsKeep it light!


    Other Accessories:
    Pocket Knife
    Ready made energy food (protein bars and other snacks)
    Flashlights with extra battery
    Water bottle

    Your guide/trek operator will provide you with food, water and camps for overnight stay.

  • Advice
    a) It’s not a race. Try making the best of your experience instead of competing with others. Do not overly exert yourself. One campsite to another, the journey is far more important than the destination.

    b) Carry medical aid. A first aid box and medicines that relieve altitude sickness are important. It is advised that you take a course of medicines before you go to high altitudes. Seek medical advice beforehand both from experienced friends as well as the trek operators.

    c) Wear layers of clothes to help avoid the biting cold.
    webp-net-compress-image-7d) Make sure you have sufficient water supplies on you. And don’t forget to carry purifying tablets. You can suck on candies to reduce thirst.

    e) Do NOT litter. Abide strictly by the environment-conservative rules of eco-tourism. Do not trouble the locals or disrupt their routines or destroy their treasured places of stay.


Bhrigu lake

Sure, trekking takes strength and a resolute mind, but it’s a fun thing to do. Proper training and guidance ensure you have a thrilling experience as you conquer the snow-clad mountains!

The Stok Kangri trek is a dream for many of us, for avid travelers and beginners alike. For the former, it’s their most cherished achievement and for the latter, it’s a spot high up on their to-do list. So, if you’re someone who is open to adding a deserving title on their list of travel goals in 2018, this one is for you.  

Stok Kangri in the Himalayas
Western Flank, Stok Kangri

Trekking In Ladakh

Ladakh is home to the most exotic valleys, glacial lakes glistening ice-solid in the sunlight, most splendid Himalayan peaks, and breathtaking gorges; and all of it is serene due to the sparse population. Trekking in Ladakh is definitely something to write home about.

Don’t just enjoy, explore.

Why just visit a place? Stok Kangri Expedition gives you an opportunity to actively explore the area and immerse culturally as you interact with the locals and roam around on the very first day. Responsible tourism is not just indulging, but engaging with the wonderful world around you. Your takeaway from a trekking experience should not just be the achievement of scaling a certain height but also deeply appreciating the cultural, local and environmental significance and respecting it.

So surreal! Indus zanskar Confluence Ladakh
So surreal! Indus zanskar Confluence Ladakh


  1. Set up tents at Chang Ma at an altitude of 13,087 ft!
  2. Witness the Orion arm of the Milky Way Galaxy with millions of twinkling stars as is clearly visible from Mankorma.
  3. Be ready to walk on all fours as you tread the southern face of the mountain which has an approximately 75 degree gradient slope.
  4. Let yourself loose as you behold the brilliant views of Zanskar valley and Karakoram mountains
  5. Camping on the lush green meadows alongside a brimming water body is the perfect refuge.

A lot has been said about the difficulty level of Stok Kangri all over. First-time trekkers are not encouraged to do this. And even experienced trekkers are bound to face some difficulty in carrying this trek out. But that is no excuse to deny yourself the joy of this life-changing experience. If anything, that should encourage you to prepare and take this challenge headlong. However, there are few things that you could keep in mind to ensure a great time.

Acclimatization and AMS
It is essential that you spend a few days in Leh before you begin the trek. This is done to acclimatize to the increase in altitude after arriving. If you have not done a high altitude trek before, you mustn’t attempt Stok Kangri(20,500 ft) because the rapid increase in altitude on this trek could trigger AMS and make it impossible for you to reach the summit.
In order to avoid AMS, make sure you’re on a DIAMOX course before you leave for the trek.  This will prevent clouding of judgement due to altitude as you near the summit.

Stok Kangri trek is not just a trek. It is an experience that will change the way you go through life after it. Make sure you’re well prepared, then nothing can really stop you from emerging triumphant.