Goa has been my absolute favorite holiday destination ever since I first set foot in this gorgeous land of sun, sand and sea more than a decade ago. Every visit here has been like one big never ending party. In fact Goa has been and continues to be more than just a destination – It is an experience, a stress-buster, a guilty pleasure!

Goa offers gleeful peace in the middle of chaotically bustling markets; it gives me a sense of belonging amidst foreign faces on a crowded beach. It is a place of happy contradictions! During all of my visits to this party place, I have lived not like a tourist, but someone who has decided to make it her home for a few weeks. I have wandered its streets aimlessly, bought fruits from the local markets, made friends with the shack owners, and spent hour after hour getting myself tanned. It is a long distance love affair that continues successfully to this day.

Even though I have seen Goa in its many shades, I have restricted myself to the beaches, markets and churches of North Goa, not particularly exploring the many facets that add to the glory of this place.

Well, it is difficult to think of Goa beyond beaches, isn’t it? But it’s not impossible! When you get to know that there are other experiences on offer here, that will take you deep in the sea or high in the air then you will perceive Goa as more than just a beach destination! And I am anyway looking for reasons to plan another visit to my favorite vacation spot!

Cocktails and Dreams! pretty much sums it up!
Cocktails and Dreams! pretty much sums it up!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do and the chances you didn’t take! So throw off the bowlines. Trek to that mountain, take an adventure, fly high in the air, go backpacking in some remote place, lose yourself in the forest, just do nothing and gaze at the stars as if they are there just for you and once in your life definitely meet the mighty Himalayas! Explore, Dream, and Discover!

Adventure is not about facing that struggle on the journey, it’s about your willingness to conquer it, and to get yourself at the doorstep of nature and thrill. Nothing is more delightful in life than to live inside the moment of adventure.  It is an outlandish wilderness experience that gives your life expectations and purpose.
There is nothing more exciting than to experience adventures in life without burning a hole in your pocket!
Here is a lowdown on some of the best adventure travel experiences in India that would fulfill your adventure needs.

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh
Bungee Jumping is on every adventure junkie’s list! Rishikesh is the hub for adventure activities in India. Rishikesh is easily accessible from Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, and Delhi – Dehradun is one of the cheapest sectors. You could also choose to take a bus from Delhi, which starts from 350 per head and takes roughly 7 hours or a train journey from Delhi to Haridwar would also be easy on the pocket. Any of these options will take you to the adventure city well within budget. Bungee jumping promises the adrenaline rush like never before. Take this adventure at just 3500 per person!

Winter brings to mind all things cozy for most of us, like coffee and Christmas celebrations. But then there are a few, who, despite extra challenges or rather because of them, like to venture out to find beauty, goodness and adventure in the harsh snowy mountains in the winter season. With lesser influx of people, one gets to spend more time in peaceful solitude close to nature. As all good things come with an IF, this solitude and harsh weather can be a spoiler if necessary measures are not taken.

Walking on the frozen Zanskar River
Walking on the frozen Zanskar River

Beginners would do good to remember that the mountain air is extremely crisp and it requires the right kind of dressing-up, attitude and preparation to venture out for a trekking trip in these conditions.In order to make your winter Himalayan trek relatively stress free and a lot more fun,

Explore the vibrant festivals and fairs of India along with different cultures. Each corner has a different story! Find out the story and fall in love with India. Grab the chance to explore the true flavours of every region. Let the travel bug bite you and take you to these fascinating places with interesting fairs and festivals in India.

Hemis Festival, Ladakh
The colourful Hemis Festival is one of the biggest and the most famous religious festivals in Ladakh. The enchanting festival in the land of dreams is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava or commonly known as Guru Rimpoche. The Hemis Monastery is where the festival is celebrated. The monastery is itself a blissful place, surrounded by brown austere hills and bright yellow mustard fields. Its execution through the splendid masked dances by the Lamas is what takes your breath away. To see the celebration of good over evil in a different way, plan your next trip to Ladakh and witness this festival.
When – June or July
Where – Hemis Monastery, Ladakh

Hemis Festival in Ladakh
Hemis Festival in Ladakh