“Islands are metaphors of the heart, no matter what poet says otherwise.” – Jeanette Winterson

The famous English writer gets it. She understands that more than poetry, what makes a soul sing is the sense of serenity one can only find on islands. Living on a piece of land, bounded by water, is inherently blissful in its own way. This might not sound very appealing to those who do not like the sound of water crashing against rocks or the sublime climate of an island. However, I, for one, am convinced that the possibility of anyone disliking these two things is extremely low. Islands are heaven in disguise after all! From honeymoons to get away with friends, a visit to Indian islands is always memorable. For the lone wolves out there, who want to explore on their own, these islands serve as great opportunities to indulge in unforgettable experiences. If your thoughts about escaping to islands echo my evident bias towards them, you have found just the right page. Read on to find out more about the mesmerising islands, which are situated in different parts of India.

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Located in the Arabian Sea, Netrani (locally known as Netragudo) is a small coral island in India, off the coast of Karnataka. It is approximately 19 km from the temple town of Murudeshwara. It is also known as the Pigeon Island and besides pigeons; the other dwellers are the wild goats. The bird’s eye view gives it the appearance of a heart!

Netrani Island Image Credits: commons.wikimedia.org
Netrani Island
Image Credits: commons.wikimedia.org

Being a coral island Netrani is ideal for snorkeling and other diving activities. With visibility between 15 – 30 meters and depths ranging from 6 – 40 meters, it offers some great sites for scuba diving suitable for all levels of experience. It is easily approachable from Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Bangalore.

Other than the fish life common to Goa and the Arabian Sea, Netrani is also popular for regular sightings of Butterfly fish, Whale Sharks, Turtles, Napoleon Wrasse, Great Barracuda, Stingrays, White and Black Tip Sharks and Stonefish.

The enchanting underwater life!
The enchanting underwater life!

Usually visitors are asked not to climb on the island because of the sharp rocks and steep cliffs and diving/snorkeling is done from a boat anchored close to the island.

With sequestered beaches, old cultures and exotic cuisines mixed with sapphire waters of the mysterious underworld, Netrani has all the elements of a perfect holiday.

The best time to visit is December and January.