There are thousands of films released every year around the world. But very few of these are based on adventure or real-life adventure stories. And even out of those that are made, there are only a handful that actually do justice to the spirit of the theme!

This New Year, Adventure Nation recommends to you four of the finest films made on some of the most significant moments in mountaineering history.

  1. Touching the Void (2003):
    This adventure-filled documentary is based on Joe Simpson’s book of the same name. It features Simpson’s and Simon Yates’ calamitous attempt to climb Siula Grande (6,344m, 20,814ft) in the Peruvian Andes in 1985.
    This film is high on emotion and has been widely praised for its cinematography. It combines documentary footage of the interviews of the climbers along with a re-enactment of the attempt. It is highly rated on rotten tomatoes.
    Touching the Void - Movie Poster!
    Touching the Void – Movie Poster!
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    Read more about Joe Simpson here.

  2. Everest: Beyond the Limit (2006):
    This reality television series by Discovery Channel is about the attempts made on the summit of Mount Everest every year. Russell Brice, a mountaineer from New Zealand, is the leader.
    In this season, there are 11 climbers, three guides and a group of Sherpas followed by a production crew of 17 people, during their climb in the months of April and May of 2006. We highly recommend this film to all adventure lovers for the actual footage in extreme conditions.

Folk heroes come from the most unlikely of quarters. Albert Ernest Clifford “Cliff” Young, a potato farmer from Colac, in rural Victoria, Australia, was one such bloke. Only, Young was as un-Australian as they come – a vegetarian and a teetotaller.

‘Cliffy’ is a feelgood tale of this salt-of-the-earth Aussie’s journey from utter unknown to national hero. Cliff Young was the winner of the first Sydney-Melbourne Ultra Marathon, back in 1983. The tele-movie, released this year to mark 30 years of a feat that still warms the heart, is an affable movie about an affable man. Cliff, not surprisingly, became the toast of a nation, earning words of commendation from (besides others) then Prime Minister Bob Hawke, and also winning the Medal of the Order of Australia.