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Trekking in Bangalore

Trekking in Bangalore

Being in the arms of nature for a few days is overwhelming, and if you need a break from the city life, then a trekking weekend is a good getaway. When people think of going hiking in India, the first place that comes to mind is the Himalayas. However, a hike is not always about high altitude and snow-covered mountains. If talking about South India in particular, then trekking in Bangalore is gradually becoming a prime attraction. There are various places around Bangalore that are ideal for a leisurely trekking holiday. A considerable part of Western Ghats lies near the city, providing a number of appropriate places to go on treks in Bangalore.

Adventure enthusiasts have been regular visitors to the place as it has lakes, rivers, hills and forests that are rich in biodiversity. Apart from these, the mild regional weather makes Bangalore trekking a rejuvenating experience. The Western Ghats are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and house over a thousand species of plants and animals. Trekking Bangalore is a good option for those who lack experience, but wish to indulge in the sport. Most of the hikes around the city are fairly easy and do not require hardcore mountaineering equipment.

Karnataka is fast emerging as a prime trekking destination in South India. The land in the state encompasses tropical forests, caves, hills and cascades. Trekking in Bangalore is one of the best ways to explore nature, and experience the adventure and thrill that are felt while pursuing it. For trekking, there are various places that are famous among adventurers, particularly for post-monsoon walks. The diverse regional terrain offers something or the other to every traveller, and a lot of adventure tourists flock to the area around the city to scale various peaks. On one hand, the misty mountains of Karnataka are a quiet getaway, and on the other they are centres of adventure.

Popular Treks near Bangalore

There are quite a few destinations that are ideal for trekking, be it a day journey or one over a weekend. The Kabbal Durga Night Trek is an expedition that you may not have experienced before. Kabbal Durga, a village located around 80 km from Bangalore, has a temple and fort. It derives its name from the word Kabbalamma, the local deity of the village. The temple and fort are situated on a hillock, which is approximately 250 metres high. Reaching the top involves undertaking a short, but demanding trek filled with scenic views.

The Kodachadri trek takes you to one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats that is about 4400 feet above sea level. You can get a good view of the scenic landscape from this place. What makes this spot more appealing is the mythology associated with it. It is said that at the hill, atop which the temple is located, a demon was killed by a goddess. The highlight of this jaunt is the mesmerising view of the sunset from the hilltop. Considered as one of the most difficult hikes in South India, the one to Kumara Parvatha promises to be challenging, yet exciting. The summit of the mountain is known as Pushpagiri, and its altitude is approximately 5600 feet.

Kunti Betta is a hill, which overlooks the Pandavapura settlement in Karnataka. Located about 125 km from Bangalore, a short trek is required to scale it that can be completed within a day. The Skandagiri hill, with an elevation of approximately 4400 feet, is situated near the town of Chikkaballapur. It has ruins of a fort on the top that dates back to the time of Tipu Sultan. While most trekking experiences take you to dry and rocky terrain, there are a few that include walking through forests. The Rangaswamy Betta jaunt is a good example of such a trek. It is a rather easy on-foot option, taking you atop a hill rising to a height of about 3700 feet above sea level.

Treks around Bangalore

Nishani Motte is situated in the Brahmagiri Range of hills in the stretch between Talacauvery down to Somamale. The trek offers the ultimate adventure as the trail gets difficult as you climb up. Another adventure in Bangalore that will give you the adrenaline rush is the trek to Madhugiri. Trek to Madhugiri at night will let you explore the adventurous side of the place. Trek to Brahmagiri will be one of the most amazing experiences as it offers the breathtaking views of Karnataka. Gokarna Beach Trek is known as the “Golden Route”, you will cross many beautiful beaches before reaching the Om Beach and the Paradise Beach which is the last beach on the trek. Considered the perfect trek for adventure and scenic beauty, Kurinjal Trek is the perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore. Kudremukh Trek takes you to the Western Ghats and its summit which is at 6207 feet. The valley is surrounded by mountains which makes the experience amazing.

Best Time to Go for Trekking in Bangalore

All the hikes around Bangalore are suitable for winters, but to enjoy the beauty of the Western Ghats at its best, the time after the monsoon is perfect.


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