Explore Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

Going on weekend getaways from Mumbai will surely give you a fun-filled time, and allow you to make the most of your days off work or studies. Weekend destinations are not too far from the main city or town, and you can visit them and come back in a short span. All such destinations are well-connected by roads from Mumbai, besides being accessible via trains and flights. This way you can take road trips with your friends or families and start the fun even before you reach there. Know more about Adventure Trips near Mumbai.

Popular Destinations for Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

• Pune: It has been highly sought after to go on weekend getaways from Mumbai, due to its closeness to the mega city. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is the best road to drive on between the cities, and many famous places are located along it. Know more about Adventure Trips near Pune.

• Lonavala: Lonavala is one of the places accessible via the above-mentioned expressway, and this perhaps has resulted in Mumbai-dwellers coming here over weekends. It lies in the Sahyadri Range, at a rough elevation of 2047 feet above the sea.

• Kamshet: This is another popular hilly destination, located in the Sahyadri Hills of the Western Ghats. You should definitely come here if you enjoy thrill and want to take part in adventure activities.

• Tadoba: Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is the largest and oldest protected wildlife territory in Maharashtra, and is located in the district of Chandrapur. The hills, which dominate the region, are covered by deciduous trees, and are home to deer, tigers, sloth bears, nilgais, gaurs and snakes.

• Kambre: This little village is in the district of Pune, and is another place where adventure activities can be enjoyed during weekend getaways from Mumbai. There are no major shops here, so you should stock up on essential goods from Mumbai itself.

• Koyna: This place has them all; a dam, a large reservoir for adventure activities and a wildlife sanctuary. So whatever be your reason of coming here, this place will surely delight you.

• Kolad: This little village is in the district of Raigad, and is your paradise if you want some thrill. Tourists throng this otherwise serene place to indulge in some amazing adventure.

Activities Available near Mumbai

There is a huge variety of activities, which you can take part in during weekend getaways from Mumbai, and range from relaxing to adrenaline-inducing. Below is a description of engagements available at places near the metropolis:

• Pune: This city has many places of interest, and is close to certain places where adventure sports are organised.

• Lonavala: The hill station of Lonavala lies in the Western Ghats, and hot air ballooning is hosted here.

• Kamshet: Kamshet in the Western Ghats is among the most sought-after places in India for paragliding.

• Tadoba: Wildlife safaris in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve are available with a number of hotels and travel agencies.

• Kambre: The village of Kambre is a paradise for adventure sports like rock climbing, bouldering, valley crossing, trekking, rappelling and zip-lining.

• Koyna: You may engage in kayaking, swimming and boat rides in the dam reservoir; or take a trip to Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary.

• Kolad: White water rafting organised on the Kundalika River is the ultimate adventure engagement for you. The sport is organised when the dam releases water and heightens the amount and speed of the flowing water. Know more about River Rafting in Kolad.

Experience Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

Best Time to Go

• Pune: The period between July and February is perfect to come to Pune on weekend getaways from Mumbai because of pleasant weather and less rainfall.

• Lonavala: Hot air ballooning is available here throughout the year as the weather here is favourable for the activity.

• Kamshet: The ideal wind conditions between October and June account for a lengthy paragliding season in Kamshet.

• Tadoba: Wildlife safaris in the reserve are arranged between October and February.

• Kambre: As summers here are quite hot, the ideal time to visit Kambre is between the months of July and February.

• Koyna: The post-monsoon season and winters, which fall between October and May, are perfect to enjoy adventure activities and safaris in Koyna.

• Kolad: Visit Kolad between June and October to have the best rafting experience.


Below is a list of approximate distances of the aforementioned weekend getaways from Mumbai.

• Pune: 148 km
• Lonavala: 83 km
• Kamshet: 102 km
• Tadoba: 927 km
• Kambre: 106 km
• Koyna: 83 km
• Kolad: 122 km


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