trekking in india

Trekking in India

Trekking in India

Trekking in India gives you innumerable opportunities to stay close to nature, and explore the charm of the geographical diversities of the country. Among the regions in India containing the most varied topography are the mighty Himalayan mountains. You may start hiking on the vast Northern Plains below the Shivalik foothills, and travel all the way to the highest points of the ranges. Trails through the foothills are generally easy, and not much elevation gain will be experienced by you. On ascending higher, the paths will start becoming tougher and more challenging. With the passage of time, many new paths and destinations are being discovered and utilised for hiking. In present times, there are many admired and famous treks, which you can easily undertake with the help of such travel companies.

Popular Treks in India

To know more about the most popular routes for trekking in India, you may browse the internet or interact with those who have undertaken such excursions, for even better knowledge.

  • Valley of Flowers: A high altitude valley, laden with numerous species of exotic and colorful flowers in the spring, summer and rainy seasons. An ideal beginner's trek, this one in Uttarakhand will be a precursor to your tryst with the Himalayas. The best time to visit is from July to September as the flowers will be in full bloom around that time and make for a deeply fascinating sight.

  • Roopkund: An alpine lake with human skeletons in its water. However, apart from the local mystery surrounding the "skeletal lake", this trek is quite a handful-- gorgeous waterfalls, vast lands of rhododendron and oak forests, amazing peaks, beautiful campsites. It is quite an experience.

  • Hampta Pass: A mountain pass, the journey to which is known to be strenuous and challenging, is ideal for expert mountaineers. The breath-taking beauty along the trail is incredible. Top this outdoor experience off with a trek to Chandratal Lake and treat yourself with even more aesthetically appealing vistas. This makes it a doubly rewarding experience for trekkers who are also nature lovers.

  • Chadar Trek: A walking tour on the frozen Zanskar River from Chilling, near Leh, to Naerak. It is recommended for those who are adapted to extremely low temperatures. Even if it is a challenging trek, this one remains a favorite for many owing to its frozen glacier basins, snow-clad eskers and the overall stunning icy-white environs.

  • Goecha La: A long and gruelling hike, taking you 16000 feet above sea level to the Goecha La mountain pass in Sikkim. Moderate in difficulty, this one offers a close view of not less than fourteen peaks including Kanchenjunga. Wake up to a sunrise on Kanchenjunga and explore the rhododendron summery trails as you undertake this heavenly experience.

  • Har Ki Doon: Har Ki Doon is home to a magnificent multitude of the most exotic flowers beautifully strewn amidst a vast network of streams with a splendid spread of mountains all around. Jaundhar Glacier known for its dense greenery and snow-clad mountains; Govind Wildlife Sanctuary known for its incredible variety of exotic flora and fauna; Hata Valley known for Hata and Jeju peaks and wildly scented meadows. Catch a sureshot glance of the Bandarpoonch and Swargarohini peaks.

  • Kashmir Great Lakes: The most beautiful journey of all, which goes past some spellbinding landscapes to serene glacial ponds high up in the mountains. Gurgling water bodies flowing through the lush valley of Kashmir makes this one of the most visually stunning outdoor travel destinations.

  • Stok Kangri: Ladakh is home to the most exotic valleys, glacial lakes glistening ice-solid in the sunlight, most splendid Himalayan peaks, breathtaking gorges and all of it is serene due to the sparse population. Trekking in Ladakh is definitely something to write home about. Why just visit a place? Stok Kangri expedition gives you an opportunity for you to actively explore the area and immerse culturally as you interact with the locals and roam around on the very first day. A mountaineering tour in the truest of meanings, it lets you scale the approximately 20182 feet high Stok Kangri Peak. High level of hiking expertise and prior acclimatization is recommended.

Best Time for Trekking in India

The best time to go for trekking in India depends on the region and the route that you are planning to follow. Different are the times of the starting and ending of various seasons in different regions within the Himalayas.

  • Valley of Flowers: Between 1st June and 4th October as heavy snowfall in winters cuts it off from rest of the country.

  • Roopkund: Summers to see the skeletons, and winters for a tougher and snowy challenge.

  • Kashmir Great Lakes: Summers as the beauty of the region will only be visible in full glory when it is bereft of snow and ice.

  • Goecha La: March to May is the best time to trek here.

  • Chadar Trek: December and January as the Zanskar River will only be frozen in the peak of winters.

  • Har Ki Doon: Summers as the season will allow you to see the beauty of the region and negotiate the tough ascent to the glacier.

  • Stok Kangri: The peak of Mount Stok Kangri should also be scaled in summers as the region gets huge amounts of snow in winters.

  • Hampta Pass: It should also be seen in summers, for in the season, wild flowers are in their full bloom.

Popular Treks in India

Flora and Fauna

Trekking in India promises you an undisturbed experience in the lap of nature, where you can explore a great variety of flora and fauna. At its lowest elevations, the Valley of Flowers has jungles of birch, firs and maple, which at higher elevations are replaced by herbs, shrubs and grass. Animals like brown bears, snow leopards, tahrs, musk deer, ghorals, red foxes and black bears live in the mountains in plenty.

You may also do exceptional birdwatching during the hikes and see numerous winged creatures. During your journey to Roopkund, you will walk through dense forests of coniferous trees and oak, and at Bedni Bugyal and Ali Bugyal, expansive and gently sloping meadows will greet you. There is a meadow en-route, called Ghota Lotani, where you will see hordes of horses.



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