Skydiving near Delhi, India

` 23,500   per person


Duration: 3 Hrs

Departure Dates
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Experience the adventure of a lifetime and go for Skydiving in India. Skydiving is one amazing sport that has been there since the 1900s. It is also used for rescuing victims of an aircraft mishap and also for deploying soldiers to the battlefield. Skydiving has become of the most adventurous and thrilling sports in the world. Now that you have Skydiving near Delhi, brace yourself and go for it! There are 3 types of sky jumps that are done and Tandem Skydiving is the safest and also the most fun. It allows you to enjoy the jump with all the necessary safety measures. Tandem skydive will let you experience the thrill of your first jump while you are safely strapped and securely harnessed to the instructor. All you have to do is just share the parachute with the instructor and admire the beauty! Enjoy the amazing view and feel the adrenaline pumping like never before.


The parachute is your only flying machine and the only safety you will have, so it is made sure that it is of top quality and up to the international safety standards. All the parachute systems have a reserve parachute and an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) installed. You will have ground training where you will be trained about all the safety measures which are globally used and you will be ready to go for the jump from 10000 feet, in just an hour.


Only Sigma Tandem Parachute Systems are used which are very highly recommended, and the most commonly used tandem systems across the globe. It is necessary to listen to the safety instructions in the training. It is made sure that the jumps, and the equipment used are in accordance with the Basic Safety Requirements of United States Parachute Association and Federal Aviation Administration. All the instructors comply with the highest levels of safety and fitness requirement to make the escapade unforgettable.

This thrilling activity is now happening near you! It will just take you around 2 hours to reach your Skydiving spot from Delhi, taking the Yamuna Expressway. Reach Aligarh Airstrip and meet your instructor who has done over 5000 jumps by now! Just be strapped safely to him and have the best experience of your life! After taking the training, the Cessna will take you to an altitude of 10,000 feet which will take about 30-40 minutes. You will remember the view from that height forever. Take a deep breath and jump, and before you even realise you will be coming down at the speed of 200 KM/hour. Your free fall will last for 20-30 seconds and you will be back on the ground in the next 10 minutes. But nothing will beat those 10 minutes of your life!


Package Details

Skydiving near Delhi, India

Price (Per Person):   ` 23,500
Duration:   3 Hrs
Cancellation Policy   |   Payment Policy

Time Slots :
Morning slot: 10 AM to 1 PM
Evening slot: 2 PM to 5 PM

Best Season: Throughout the year except for 17th December to 31st January

Package Name Price
Jump Only 23,500
Jump With Video  Only 26,500
Jump With Photos & Video 27,500

The activity does not operate on Mondays and Tuesdays

Please Note:
Dropzone will be Narnaul Airstrip in Haryana. 
Mentally you may be up for it, but we need to make sure you are physically fit! Anybody up to 90 kilos is fit to jump. People with heart conditions should consult their doctor before jumping. Those under any kind of specific medication must carry a fitness certificate from their doctor as some drugs may affect judgment. If the instructor at the drop zone advises you against jump on fitness/health grounds, you are entitled to a full refund.

Drugs & Alcohol:
We follow a zero-tolerance policy against narcotics or consumption of alcohol 24 hours prior to jumping.

Dress appropriately. No ill-fitted clothes or strappy sandals. Wear athletic clothing, with sneakers or sports shoes.

Skydiving is subject to weather conditions, but don’t believe the weather on your phones or the TV. Weather on the ground often changes for the better or worse. We will give you the option to call early on the day of your jump for an accurate weather check. And if the weather is very poor, we will reschedule your jump at another convenient time.




  1. Tandem Skydiving experience
  2. Instructor fees
  3. Pre- Skydiving Briefing
  4. Certificate on completion of dive


  1. 18% GST
  2. Air/Train fare
  3. Anything not mentioned under the head inclusions.
  4. Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary / stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, road blocks and / or any factors beyond control.
  5. The tariff does not include any other activities not mentioned in Inclusions.

Reviews for Skydiving near Delhi, India

  • img

    Awesome it was!! No words to describe it. Thanks a lot. Special thanks to the instructor who helped me get over my fear.

    Anshuman Shahi
  • img

    Unforgettable and most adventurous activity to try in adventure world! Worth the money. Go for it guys.

    Suyesh Rajput
  • img

    Wonderful activity and the best part is, it?s not much far from Delhi. I and my friends went on my birthday. It was the best day I had after a long time. Thank you guys!

    Abhinandan Jain
  • img

    If you have never dreamed of skydiving, are you even real? This was my childhood dream! My forever travel goal! My ultimate travel goal! I am so happy I got to make my dream come true thanks to your cooperation, Adventure Nation. The rush of jumping off from a height that is so up above is just unspeakable. Best thing I've done all year! Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

    Ritu Raj
  • img

    Did this around my mom's birthday last month. Best thing ever. The experience is unmatched in terms of how kind the guide staff is and from pre to post sales, the service is great. Cheers for that, Adventure Nation. Looking forward to come back here soon. Definitely an experience worth having at least once and twice and more and more. Thanks!

    Siddhi Kumari
  • img

    Wanted to do something really adventurous for my friend?s birthday. So I booked this as a gift to her. Wasn?t disappointed at all! I was scared that she might get scared, but the team there was very encouraging. Thanks for that!

    Hitesh Saraiya
  • img

    I found out about skydiving near Delhi from a friend. I booked it through Adventure Nation. The people there were really prepared and looked like they really knew what they were doing, so don?t worry about it at all! You will love it!

    Ishan Roy
  • img

    Book dates after checking weather yourself, because last minute weather changes can happen. It is a fantastic experience and truly nothing can match it. I came from Bangalore for another event here and did this while I was here. Loved it! Thanks!

    Kalpesh Patel

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