Adventure Camp Bangalore

` 1,550   per person


Duration: 1 Day

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Success is seldom achieved alone, and often it results from good teamwork. You need to trust your partners, and learn to work with them. Trust comes when you put your ego aside, and accept orders of somebody else. There are places where you can take your team, in order to develop mutual understanding among its members. The activity that accomplishes this for you is known as outbound training, and a number of establishments in India offer these to corporate groups. If you are a firm based in Bangalore, and looking for such sites, then Fever Pitch Basecamp will not disappoint you.

Located a little outside the city, the establishment has programmes for students, families and office teams. It offers amazing corporate off-site activities so that individuals come together and transform into a force to be reckoned with. You can take part in adventure activities, outbound training, water-sports, camping or just some fun and frolic. Not only office teams, but families too sometimes need to have an adventure outing. This place also offers exciting family holidays, which you may plan on weekends or whenever you feel like. It will be different from staying in a hotel, where kids and adults are busy among themselves, as the camp keeps everyone together.

Its team-building philosophy also makes Fever Pitch Basecamp Bangalore suitable for school or college students. There are many thrilling activities here, which students will probably be doing for the first time in their lives. Once they overcome their fear and accomplish the provided tasks, they will gain a lot of confidence for their future ventures.


Paintball: You will be given a marker, 25 pellets, camouflage dress, chest guards and helmets for this exciting activity.
Water sports: Water sports like kayaking, canoeing, coracle rides, swimming and fishing will be done on the Arkavathi River.
Raft Building: The object of it is simple: construct a raft from the material you have, and set sail on the river, following a pre-marked course.
Keypunch: In this, 30 numbered pads are laid on the ground, and the group is required to touch them all as fast as possible. Only one member is allowed in the playing area at a time, and the pads also have to be touched just once.
Hula Hoop Pass: The group forms a circle, and the members hold hands. A hula hoop will be given to you, and two members will be asked to let go off their hands, pass them through the loop, and then hold them again.
Head and Tail: In this, the team stands in a straight line with each member facing the back of the person in front. A message has to be passed through the line without any means of communication.
Blind Snake: The group assembles like in Head and Tail, and all except the last person are blindfolded. An object is placed in front, and the person with open eyes transfers the direction of the retrievable thing to the first member, who has to get it.
Cooking Challenge: You will be required to cook a meal all by yourself, utilising the raw items at hand.
Blindfolded Tent Pitching: All except one participant will be blindfolded, and the group will have to set a tent, listening to his or her orders.
Pipeline: Roll a marble through a pipe and into a bucket, without dropping it.


Package Details

Adventure Camp Bangalore-Day Tour

Price (Per Person):   ` 1,550
Duration:   1 Day
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Duration: Day Tour/ 1 Night-2 Days
Location: Bangalore


Fever Pitch Basecamp is situated outside the urban locales of Bangalore, and is set amidst expansive farms and natural wilderness. Every structure here is eco-friendly, and no extensive construction has been done at the site. A river flowing through the hills in the backdrop make the place a picturesque one. Dining halls, sitting areas and changing rooms are all bamboo shacks, which have been made so for minimum impact on the environment. The site has a paintball zone, adventure zone, camping zone, water sports zone and a team-building zone. If you are seeking accommodation, there are five tents here for camping: two for men and three for women.

You can also get free swimming lessons here, and the camp claims to teach you the sport in merely 20 minutes! Fever Pitch Basecamp Bangalore employs trained instructors to brief you about various activities before you start with them. The activities offered here carry a fair bit of danger, for risk is the thing that induces the thrill. In case anything happens to you while attempting a task, the on-site doctor will take care of you. Apart from all these facilities, drinking water, ice boxes, kitchen, chef and room to store your gear are also available here.




1. ATV ride (1 lap)
2. Paint Ball (25 pellets per person)
3. Price applicable on minimum 10 persons booking
4. Water sports activities like kayaking, canoeing, swimming, coracle ride
5. Team Building activities
6. Breakfast, Lunch and Evening High tea


1. Transport cost
2. Rappelling, Zip-line, Zumaring
3. Commando Walk
4. GST @ 18.0%

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