Dubai 4x4 Sandboarding Safari

` 4,189   per person


Duration: 4 Hrs

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Other than being a well-known business hub around the world, Dubai has also emerged as a popular destination among adventure lovers. This global city offers a variety of recreational activities, among which sandboarding has emerged as a popular choice among tourists. This region is also quite famous for the scenic sand dunes found here, and this is where the Dubai 4x4 sandboarding safari takes place. The fine and grainy sand of the area is perfect for the sport. Explore the fascinating Arabian Desert in your comfortable four-wheel drive vehicle (4X4), and later try your hand at the adventurous sport of sandboarding. Feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you slide down the sandy slopes. A hands-on instructor will always be by your side to guide you on the dunes. And, the safari will be made better by an expert guide, accompanying you on this journey, who will tell you about the region, its history and locals. 


When the sandboarding safari in Dubai adventure begins, you will be picked up from your lodging in the city in the 4x4. These comfortable, air-conditioned and well-equipped 4X4s are ideal for a safari in the desert as they are able to tread on the loose sand easily. Soon after you leave from your accommodation in Dubai, you will enter the desert area. The astonishing sand dunes and other constituents of the landscape make it a highly photogenic and awe-inspiring sight. Ask the guide, accompanying you, all that you ever wanted to know about the region. It would be fascinating to know how a small fishing village grew rapidly to become the Dubai city as it is now. Soon, leaving behind the small sand dunes, you find the larger ones with steep slopes. Hold tight as your automobile slides and slips on these sandy inclines.  


After a short drive, you will find some of the most exquisite sand dunes of the Arabian Desert. The sand of this region is generally clean and fine, which makes it ideal for sandboarding. Stop as you find a good spot to conduct the sport and de-board from your vehicle. On this 4X4 sandboarding safari in Dubai experience, an expert instructor will also be at your service to give you lessons about the sport. Clear all your doubts and feel free to ask him or her any questions that you have in context of the activity. After this training session, fasten your feet to the boards by means of straps, and begin navigating the sloping dunes. These golden features in this region of the United Arab Emirates have helped the sport gain widespread attention.


As you begin sandboarding, it may seem a bit difficult, but as you spend some time here, you will start to get better. If you have snowboarded before, then you may feel at home doing this sand-based activity. A huge advantage that sandboarding has over its snow-based counterpart is that it can be experienced year-round. The sport is quickly gaining attention in deserts all around the world. Slide on the sand from one dune to another as you try not to fall. When you feel you have had enough of sand surfing for a day, hop back in the 4X4 vehicle, and let the driver take you back to your accommodation. This culminates the adventurous and unforgettable tour, and it will leave you overflowing with memories for years to come.   


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Dubai 4x4 Sandboarding Safari

Price (Per Person):   ` 4,189
Duration:   4 Hrs
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Duration: 4 hours
Location: Dubai desert
Activity: 4x4 Sandboarding Safari


NOTE: Cost considered at 1 USD = INR 68
Any incremental cost to be borne by the client should there be any change in rate of exchange at the time of booking.

**Activities are subject to availability at the time of booking.




  1. Hotel pickup and drop-off
  2. Driver/guide
  3. Sandboarding equipment
  4. 4x4 round-trip transport from Dubai
  5. Sodas


  1. Airfare
  2. Hotel stay and Transfers
  3. Food and drinks
  4. GST @ 5.0%

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