Kayaking, Rafting and Zip line on River Kundalika, Kolad

` 2,200   per person


Duration: 1 Day

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If you are in Pune or Mumbai and have a day to spare, then we recommend you come with us to Kolad. One of the best places in Maharashtra to engage in adventure sports, Kolad is easily within your reach. You will begin your venture by arriving in the village of Saje, where you meet your fellow participants and attend a briefing on the activities lined for the day. Later, you move for kayaking in Kolad, which you enjoy after a hearty lunch. Kayaking on River Kundalika will be a restful venture, allowing you to sail at your own pace.


Thereafter, the day takes a thrilling turn as you engage in river crossing, which will involve you being suspended from a rope by a pulley. You will have to pull another rope so the pulley moves ahead, taking you with it. Next, you will move to a hilltop to zip line on River Kundalika, wherein you will be suspended much like in the same way as river crossing. The change will be that the height difference between you and the river will be more in zip lining. Due to the inclining nature of the rope, gravity will pull you along the incline, allowing you to feel the adrenaline rush properly.


The last adventure sport for the day will be rafting on River Kundalika, something which has made Kolad famous across the country. Its Grade II and III rapids are perfect for novices to not be daunted and experienced rafters to hone their skills.



After reaching the Saje village, rest for some time, and mingle with fellow participants. Later, assemble for a briefing on the various adventurous activities for the day and their safety aspects. Ask any question you have as it could also be of help to others in your group. Following the briefing, leave Saje to indulge in kayaking in Kolad on the Kundalika River. Kundalika is a small rainfed river, rising in the hills of the Sahyadri Range. A dam constructed across it periodically releases water, which raises its level near Kolad.


On reaching the village of Kolad, rest for some time, have a hearty lunch and get into the kayaking gear. Kayaking consists of people rowing a boat, called kayak, with both hands. The kayaking oar has paddles on both sides as opposed to rafting and canoeing that utilise one-sided oars. Kayaking can be enjoyed on calm and turbulent water, and on the Kundalika River, you will encounter placid currents.


After enjoying a leisurely round of kayaking on River Kundalika, move for river crossing. You will be suspended from a rope by a pulley, with another rope in your hand, which you will have pull in order to push yourself forward. Later, head for another thrill-inducing activity, zip lining. The hilly terrain of Kolad bestows it with numerous sites, where the sport can be organised. Zip lining is crossing a deep valley or ravine while being suspended on a rope by a pulley. One end of the rope is at a lower height than the other so an incline can be formed, allowing people to be pulled ahead by gravity. In Kolad, you will zip line on River Kundalika after trained experts get you in the gear and fix you firmly to the pulley. Then, let them give you a push, and slide down the rope! See hills all around and the river beneath you.


The final activity of the day will be rafting on River Kundalika, which the village of Kolad is most renowned for. During it, you will encounter rapids of Grade II and III, perfect for novices as well as experienced campaigners. As the water is released from the dam, the placid river takes a whole new form. Strong currents flow downstream, forming milky white rapids. While kayaking was leisurely, rafting will make you work a lot as you will have to paddle and row continuously to avoid the white waters or sail right through them.


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Kayaking, Rafting and Zip line on River Kundalika, Kolad

Price (Per Person):   ` 2,200
Duration:   1 Day
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Grade: Easy
Note: Weekend Price: Rs. 2500/-




  1. Kayaking, Rafting and Zip line on River Kundalika
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