Mysore Wine Tour

` 4,000   per person


Duration: 1 Day

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When you go on a Mysore wine tour, you are in for a world of fine taste and a sea of information. Wines have been known to humans since the Neolithic age, as made clear by archaeological excavations in various parts of the world. Over time, the process started utilising modern techniques while still keeping the basic methodology intact. This has resulted in an increase in its production, and the retention of the taste and texture the beverage traditionally had. While Italian, French and Spanish wines are well-known in the world, the products of India sadly never had this privilege. Despite their taste, the Indian wines have been underrated.

A wine tour Mysore will make you realise that the commodity of India has both taste and finesse. Karnataka is home to over 15 producers, who are heavily promoted by the state wine board. The vineyards are generally located in the Western Ghats as these hills provide ideal conditions for growing grapes. Summers do not become extreme while winters remain cool, allowing grapes to grow perfectly. The region also receives just the right amount of sunlight and evenly-distributed rain, making it ideal for viticulture. Your wine tasting tour Mysore will be through the farms of Alpine and Heritage wineries.

Alpine Winery
Established in 2007 in the valley of the Kaveri River, Alpine Wineries has a huge area encompassing the vineyards and the production units. An apt knowledge of viticulture has been used to plant and grow the fruits, with the processes being looked after by learned experts. Their master consultant Stephane Derenon court is a native of France, who has been involved with a number of famous estates in the Bordeaux region. Two weather stations on-site provide producers with all necessary information, such as expected temperatures and chances of rain, if any. Alpine grows six white and six red wine grapes in its farms, and the juices of these are blended together to make a total of six wines. The property also has a restaurant and school, along with a shop for you to buy souvenirs.

Heritage Winery
Heritage has been an eminent name in the Indian grape-liquor industry, since its founding in 2004. PLV Reddy, the founder of this industrial establishment, was supported by the state government, and he encouraged local farmers to increase their grape yield. After selecting about 25 acres for his factory, he shook hands with his now-consultant JV Mohan Rao and his current chief wine-maker Moss Benjamin Bittner, to help him. The six products of Heritage, namely Cabernet Red, Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, Twist Bubbly, Heritage 2000 Premium and Heritage Sweet, are classified as Table, Sparkling or Sweet. In addition to the vineyard and production factory, Heritage also has a restaurant named Epulo in its premises.

The Activity
When you go to these two properties for wine tasting Mysore, you will be given guided walks of their expansive and scenic vineyards. You will stroll through the vines, and see how the fruits are plucked, if you are coming here during the harvesting season. Then you will proceed to the wineries to see the crushing of fruits, fermenting of the juice and the ageing of the young product in massive oak barrels. All through these two tours, you will be accompanied by an expert, who will tell you about what is happening in front of your eyes, and how it is done.

What follows is the most exciting part of the trip as you will now get to treat your tongues to various types of this wonderful grape liquor. Remember to start the tour early in the morning as on-site breakfast is also included in it. In the afternoon, you will be served a scrumptious lunch, which will not include any more wine. The tour will end with you receiving a gift and a Vineyard Discovery Kit.


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Mysore Wine Tour

Price (Per Person):   ` 4,000
Duration:   1 Day
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Location: Mysore
Duration: Day Trip


Alpine: The property is located in the Holesalu village, which is about 107 km from Mysore. Travel east on National Highway 212 out of the city till Tirumakudalu, and then take State Highway 79 till Madapura, from where you divert to Holesalu.

Heritage: Located in the Ramanagara town, the Heritage Winery is approximately 82 km from Mysore. Take Stat Highway 17 from the city, and keep going in the east for about 1.5 hours.

Wine tasting is not compulsory
For tasting one has to attain the legal drinking age and possess sound health
Wine tasting is done as per the concerned winery rules
Wine tours are operated on weekends only




1. Guided visit to vineyards and wineries of Heritage & Alpine
2. Guided wine tasting
3. Price on minimum 2 persons
4. Breakfast and midday lunch
5. TWC Vineyard Discovery kit
6. TWC memento


1. Transportation
2. GST @ 5.0%

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