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Duration: 2 Days

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Have a few days to spare, and want to learn something new and exciting? How about going for a paragliding course in Manali, and learning to soar through the sky? Manali is a preferred destination for the training as hills here make perfect spots for launching the gliders, and the wide open spaces between them become ideal landing sites. Once you are aptly trained, you are ready to get your hands on a glider and say goodbye to boredom. A glider is made of two layers of fabric, woven across a lightweight supporting frame. The cockpit attached to it may have a single seat or two of them.

Paragliding training in Manali can either be a two-day course or a three-day activity, depending on how much expertise or time you have. During the course of the activity, you will be introduced to the equipment, and taught everything necessary to enable you to become a good pilot. It will do a whole lot of good unto you, and you will also be able to see wonderful natural scenery all around. The valley below, lush deodar forests on the hills, and snow-capped mountains in the distance will definitely lift your mood.

The Course
This paragliding course in Manali includes a theory session, an audio-visual section, and of course the final practical. Below is a short description of what all skills you will be taught as part of the training:

• Introduction to Equipment: You will be introduced to the activity, various components of the glider and different controls on the seat.

• Video: A video of expert paragliders will be shown to you, so you get a better understanding of what the sport is all about.

• Site Assessment: Site assessment means understanding the terrain, weather, and the direction, angle and the velocity of winds in the area.

• Canopy Layout: The wing of the glider is also known as a canopy, and this course will teach you about its construction and functionality.

• Forward Launch Technique: It is the most commonly practised method of launching, where you have to run with the glider in the direction of the wind.

• Ground Handling: This skill will teach you how to hold your wing above your head, when you are about to take-off.

• Low Level Flights: As you would be novice in the sport, you will fly close to the ground in the beginning.

• Course Correction: As the term self-explains, paragliding training in Manali will teach you how to change the direction of the canopy during the flight.

• Maintaining Airspeed: The wings do not have engines, and the flights are completely dependent on wind currents. Hence, you will learn how to keep your speed constant or change it in the absence of artificial thrust and power.

• Landing and Post Landing Procedure: How to change the angle of attack of the canopy when you want to land, and what to do with the glider after landing will be taught to you.

During a three-day course, you may even get to fly solo, whereas flights accompanied by a trained pilot will be offered as part of the two-day training. A paragliding course in Manali does have some restrictions, considering your safety.

• Age: You will only be eligible for the engagement if you are 16 years of age or older.

• Weight: Your weight is also of utmost importance, and it is imperative that you weigh at least 45 kg.

• Medical Conditions: To be a part of this programme, it is mandatory that you do not have any heart disease, back problems or a history of blackouts.

• Attire: For a smooth paragliding experience, you should wear t-shirts, pants, shoes and caps. The only thing that is discouraged for wearing is a pair of bathroom slippers. You will also need to carry sunscreen lotion, to avoid too much exposure to the UV radiation of the sun during the flight. Also bring tinted goggles as high up in the air, the sun will be a lot brighter and stronger.


Package Details

Paragliding Course Manali - 2 Day Taster

Duration:   2 Days

Duration: 2 Days / 3 Days
Location: Solang Nulla, Manali
Best Time to go: 

About Manali

• Location and Altitude: The hill station of Manali is in the state of Himachal Pradesh, and lies at an average elevation of 6730 feet above mean sea level.

• Weather: Its weather remains cool even in the height of summers, owing to the topical highland climate of the region. The town receives a substantial amount of snow in winters; hence paragliding is hosted only in the warmer seasons.

• Wind Conditions: During the summer season, winds mostly blow at up to 20 km/h, which is considered to be perfect for this high-thrill adventure sport.

• Distance: This amazing holiday destination is about 554 km from Delhi, 291 km from Chandigarh and 243 km from Shimla.

• Accessibility: You can take flights to Chandigarh from Delhi, Mumbai Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. From Chandigarh, taxis and buses are easily available for the hill station. You can also take trains till Shimla from Kalka, and then complete rest of the journey by road.




1. All equipment usage
2. Course material
3. Instruction & radio supervision
4. Food and Stay (2 days & 1 night) at Solang Nulla, Manali


1. Any expenses of personal nature viz. Tips at guest house, Mineral water etc.
2. Any transport
3. Insurance
4. GST @ 5.0%

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