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River Rafting in Kolad

River Rafting in Kolad

Let the adventurer inside you come out as the velvety grasslands and swift waters of Sahyadri Ranges call you for thrilling river rafting in Kolad. With the fast pace of the Kundalika River, Kolad is a popular spot for fun and adventure activities. The 14 km stretch of the Kundalika River, full of exciting rapids, awaits for challenging both your mind and body.

Fed by waters from the nearby dams, this stream is a heaven for those who seek adrenaline rush. Passing through the lush forests and rugged mountains, it provides you the most daring rafting route, which is sure to leave your nerves chilled with the thrilling adventure. Rafting at this place is at its zenith during the monsoons as the water level reaches its highest at the time.

About Kolad

Nestled amidst the picture-perfect backdrop of the Sahyadri Ranges, Kolad is a small village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. This village has shot to fame for its scenic background of lofty mountains, rushing falls and lush foliage. The major attraction of this village is the Kundalika River, which is the only water body in Maharashtra that allows water rafting.

People flock to this place in an endeavour to enjoy river rafting in Kolad along with exciting adventurous trails. It has emerged as a prominent tourist destination for it offers a perfect setting for indulging in adventure activities. Thrilling activities like paragliding, trekking, rappelling, rafting and mountain biking can be enjoyed amidst the scenic environs of this place. People visit this place during monsoons as the rain showers accentuate the scenic beauty of its serene landscape.

About Kundalika River

One of the fastest flowing water streams in Maharashtra, the Kundalika River is the popular attraction in Kolad. Originating from Bhira, a small town in Maharashtra, this stream flows down from the Sahyadri Ranges towards the vast Arabian Sea. Many important towns like Korlai, Kolad and Salav are situated at its banks.

The waters of this stream attract a large number of tourists to this village as they give an exhilarating experience of rafting to the adventure seekers. Passing through thick forests, this stream provides an exciting route to enjoy the activity while beholding the sceneries along the way.

About River Rafting

Before you plan your itinerary for river rafting in Kolad, you should be well aware about this sport. This recreational activity is all about sailing in the furious streams with the help of a raft, which is simply an inflatable rubber tube. The activity emerged as a popular sport during the mid 1970s, and has been a favourite amongst adventure enthusiasts since then. As a number of risks are involved in this activity, it demands for expert guidance and excellent teamwork. Some of the safety techniques that you should be well versed with are punching and high siding.

• Punching: Sometimes it happens that you need to push the raft through the hydraulics. In that case, you have to paddle fast in order to give the raft a high speed so that it does not stop.

• High Siding: This technique is used when the raft begins to move sideways. In this case, as per the name of the technique, you need to move on to the high side of the raft to get it back in equilibrium; else it will flip.

This sport is not limited to professionals as beginners can also enjoy it, with proper safety measures.

Experience Kolad River Rafting

Grades of Rapids

The approximate level of challenges that the rapids give to the rafters are represented by various grades. These rapids are classified into six categories, according to the relative gradient of the water channels at these sections.

Grade I rapids are easy with moderate and regular waves; thus require only slight manoeuvring.

• The ones with slight challenges at gradual bends are categorised as Grade II.

• Those with strong eddies, high waves and easy falls are placed in the Grade III category.

Grade IV and V rapids require precise manoeuvring as they have powerful currents, rocky passages and difficult turns.

• The most challenging and daring rapids are the ones in the category of Grade VI as the water flow in these sections is highly unpredictable. These rapids demand for great strength and courage, and are limited to experts only.

River rafting in Kolad across Kundalika is carried out mostly on rapids categorised as Grade II and III.


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