Explore Scuba Diving in Port Blair

Scuba Diving in Port Blair

Scuba Diving in Port Blair

Located in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman is a group of islands that covers a total land area of around 6400 sq km. Bengali, Malayan, English, Hindi and Telugu are some of the languages spoken in this part of the Indian territory. Since pre-historic times, numerous tribes have been living in these islands shaping its local culture. Vast expanses of coral reefs make scuba diving in Andaman a popular attraction among tourists. More than 90 per cent of the archipelago is covered by forests, and it showcases a vast variety of flora and fauna. Sandy beaches, lined with coconut trees and crystal-clear water, offer a picture-perfect environment for scuba diving adventures in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Natural beauty and rich biodiversity are the characteristics of the waters around the destination, and this is what you explore with various Port Blair scuba diving expeditions. You can embark on these tours as an amateur and end them as an expert. Some excursions allow you to obtain a proper Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification and become an Open Water Diver. By participating in scuba diving adventures in Port Blair, you can also admire the rich coral diversity that adorns the surrounding waters.

About Scuba Diving in India

India is an enormous nation with thousands of kilometres of coastline, presenting ideal conditions for scuba diving. Goa, the smallest state of the country, faces the Arabian Sea, allowing visitors to relish an array of water-based activities here, including scuba diving. Know more about scuba diving in Goa. Another place, where you can go for the sport without leaving the Indian subcontinent, is Pondicherry. The water near this city offers a peaceful location to indulge in the activity. Lakshadweep is another part of India, where the activity has become a prominent attraction. Off the western coast of the country, Lakshadweep is an archipelago, famous for its coral atolls.  

About Scuba Diving in Port Blair

Because of the remoteness of the archipelago, Andaman and Nicobar Islands had been inaccessible till the recent past. But, with the development of infrastructure, hordes of tourists have starting coming here to admire the beauty of the place. These islands are covered with thick tropical forests supporting numerous species of plants and animals. The region is a suitable location for several water sports like parasailing, wind surfing and snorkelling, drawing adventure lovers from all parts of the world. Various Port Blair scuba diving expeditions are offered as part of exciting and informative courses in the field.

Some of the most sought-after programmes in the archipelago are PADI Open Water Dive Course and PADI Advanced Open Water Dive Course. With these itineraries, you get insight into the diverse marine life of the region. These courses also allow you to explore the fascinating formations of coral reefs that charm the regional waters. This territory is considered to have one of the richest coral ecosystems in the world.

The PADI Open Water Dive Course is a five-day programme, with which you can learn five types of dives. During this course, you get to familiarise with the deep and underwater navigation techniques, necessary to be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver. Another thing that makes this tour favourable among travellers is that an option to choose from various diving skills is also provided to them. 

Experience Port Blair Scuba Diving

With the PADI Advanced Open Water Dive Course you can take your skills up a notch. The course is meant for experienced divers, who are familiar with the basics of the sport and looking to upgrade their expertise level. Scuba diving adventures in Port Blair also provide you with an opportunity to visit Chidiya Tapu Biological Park and marvel at the sight of the wildlife here. Situated at an approximately 30-minute drive from Port Blair, this site was established in the year 2001 for the protection of the endemic species of the islands.   

Best Time to Go for Scuba Diving in Port Blair

Though the archipelago is accessible all around the year, the monsoon puts limitations on various activities. The season usually hits in May and lasts till mid September, so the best time to go for scuba diving in Port Blair is from October to March.


Amazing Scuba Diving Adventures in Port Blair


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