Advanced Snowboarding Course, Manali

` 24,999   per person


Duration: 10 Days

Departure Dates
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Looking for an escape from the monotonous life and feel like indulging in some adventure? Are mountains one of your favourite landscapes and winter is the season you love? If your answer to these questions in ‘yes’, then snowboarding in Manali experience is all you need to go on. It is the perfect activity to forget about the maddening stress of the metropolitan life.


This 10-day sojourn takes you on a venture to the sky-piercing peaks of the Himalayas that proudly shine under a thick layer of snow. It is a good option not only for those, who have snowboarding experience, but also for novices, who are intrigued by it. The activity takes place in phases so you can adjust to the rising level of difficulty. First, you snowboard on easy slopes, and with each passing day, the slopes start getting steeper till you reach the advanced level.


There could hardly be a better destination for snowboarding and skiing in India than Manali. Perched at an elevation of more than 2000 metres, the picturesque hill station has become a renowned hub for winter sports, including snowboarding. Your trip begins with your arrival in Manali, and the first day gets you used to the regional weather. The next three days are spent in learning the basics of the activity and trying it on gentle slopes. This basic-level training happens in Sathen and Gulaba that are known skiing spots.


This advanced snowboarding course in Manali reaches a higher level on the 5th day, when you try the sport on bit steeper slopes. You need not worry about safety as an expert will always be by your side to help you. The following day, your skills are put to the test as you are taken to an altitude of about 3200 metres to try the activity in the Solang Valley. With this tour, you also get to indulge in backcountry snowboarding, and the next two days are dedicated to it. First, you learn the various techniques and skills required for the activity, and then try it on your own.


The last day is the highlight of the tour as it takes you to an elevation of about 4100 metres. Besides all the training and guided snowboarding, you will also have ample time to try it by yourselves. At this point, the skiing in Manali adventure ends, and you return home with everlasting memories of your time here.




Day 1 : Arrival in Manali | Orientation

The beautiful hill station of Manali is transformed into a winter wonderland during the winter season, when the whole region gets enveloped in a thick layer of snow, transforming into a perfect destination for snowboarding and skiing in India.


During the day, you will attend an orientation programme to introduce you to the rest of your team mates and to learn more about snowboarding.


Day 2 : Acclimatisation and basic training

Walk around Manali, and have some fun in the snow as you spend the day getting acclimatised to the altitude and the cold weather. After sightseeing, return back to your accommodation where you will introduced to your snowboarding equipment and taught some basic techniques.


Day 3 : The training continues

The day is dedicated to teaching you the basics of snowboarding, wherein you will learn how to balance and turn the board and reduce your speed. An instructor will be by your side to help you.


Day 4 : Snowboarding on Gentle Slopes

Indulge in the fun of snowboarding by trying the activity on gentle slopes, which are ideal if you are a novice snowboarder.. An instructor will be by your side as you hone your snowboarding skills. The idea is not only for you to gain confidence, but also enjoy the sport. Return to your accommodation and relax in a steaming sauna bath.


Day 5 : Snowboarding on Steeper Slopes

This is the time to try snowboarding on slightly difficult slopes and prepare for the challenges ahead. The instructor will help you master the sport, so even steep slopes do not become major challenges for you. Conclude the day with a sauna bath at the hotel to relax your body and mind.


Day 6 : Rest Day

Today, spend your day resting. You will be given a short training on snow and avalanche safety, so as to better prepare you for the coming challenges.


Day 7: Chairlift to Mt. Fatru | Snowboarding

After you have completed the basic training, get your day entry pass today for the chairlift to the higher reaches of Solang Valley. You will be taken to an elevation of around 3200 metres to try high-altitude snowboarding. Today brings the test of what you have learnt about the activity in the training sessions as the steep slopes will present quite a challenge. Your path will be full of obstacles, and the expert will give you continuous feedback as to what your strong and weak points are.


Day 8 : Chairlift to Mt. Fatru | Snowboarding

The day continues giving you the thrill of the advanced snowboarding course in Manali as you slide down the high-altitude slopes again. Take the chairlift to reach the towering slopes of the Solang Valley, and get the adrenaline pumping through your veins. The experience will make you forget everything about the hustle-bustle of the metropolitan life, and refresh your body and mind. The guide will make time for every snowboarder so no one is left out on the fun.


Day 9 : Backcountry Snowboarding Training

This day of the sojourn brings with it a lot of fun and excitement as you will learn about and acquire more essential skills for backcountry snowboarding. Perched at an altitude of about 4100 metres, it is the highest point you reach on this adventure of snowboarding and skiing in Manali.


Return to your accommodation, where a DJ party will mark the completion of your Advanced Snowboarding Course!


Day 10: Departure
After this trip ends, you will not only know how to snowboard on tough slopes, but also have ample experience in it, no matter where you are in the world. Another thing you take with you are amazing memories of your time in the soothing environs of Manali.


Package Details

Advanced Snowboarding Course, Manali

Price (Per Person):   ` 24,999
Duration:   10 Days
Cancellation Policy   |   Payment Policy

Departures for 2017 :
January: 9th, 20th, 26th
February: 3rd, 10th,17th, 24th 
March: 3rd,10th 

Best time to go: January to Early March 
Locations for Snowboarding :

  • Gulaba and Sathen: For basic training
  • Solang Valley: Chair car (3200m)
  • Patalsu Peak: High Altitude Snowboarding (4200m)




  1. Accommodation
  2. All meals
  3. Professional instructor and snowboarding equipment
  4. Transportation
  5. Traditional sauna bath
  6. Day pass for chair lift


  1. GST @ 5.0%
  2. Personal expenses
  3. Anything not mentioned under inclusions

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