Penguin Encounter at Ski Dubai

` 2,468   per person


Duration: 1 Hr

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Located inside the palatial Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is one-of-a-kind indoor ski resort. Its vast expanse of 22500 sq metres is covered with artificial snow all around the year. With freezing temperatures, an indoor mountain and caves, it offers the fun of playing in the snow even when there is no snowfall. Apart from skiing and having snowball fights with your friends, you can also enjoy penguin encounter at Ski Dubai. Upon your visit here, do not worry about warm clothing or skiing equipment as the resort has it all covered. They provide thermal wears and snowboards at no extra cost. The resort is home to adorable penguins that live in their recreated natural habitat here. These cuddly birds are here to befriend you and your kids, and amuse everyone with their antics.


The snow penguins at Ski Dubai are charming and loved by both kids and adults alike. Before stepping inside the ice cold premises, change into the thermal clothing provided here, and watch an informative video about the birds. Afterwards, have a delightful personal encounter with two or more of these creatures. A photographer will click your photos to capture this memorable moment of your Ski Dubai penguin encounter. Also, enjoy the views of these friendly penguins playing around and diving in their private pool. The snapshots of your meeting with penguins at Ski Dubai will be available for you to purchase later.


Reach the premises of Ski Dubai, located in Mall of the Emirates, well in time before having a personal encounter with gentoo and king penguins. These birds enjoy a sophisticated living condition inside the resort with a private pool, modern enclosure and top deck with rocks. Free to move around in their artificially recreated habitat, the penguins can be seen through a glass wall. Fed adequately with meals of fish, they are properly taken care of by expert zoologists. Upon arrival, get into the thermal wear, and put on the gloves provided to you. Later, meet your guide for this 40-minute penguin encounter at Ski Dubai. Accompanied by him, go into the freezing area, where the penguins reside. The allowed number of people in one group is up to a maximum of 12, and all kids must be accompanied by an adult.


You will be given a briefing on what to expect during Ski Dubai penguin encounter. Afterwards, watch a video to gain relevant information about the king and gentoo penguins. By the end of the video, you will have learnt about their natural habitat, and how to identify their different species. Following this, each group will be led by a guide to meet a gentoo penguin. Pose for pictures, while the guide tells you all about the traits of this species. Also, enjoy an up-close encounter with another penguin. These birds are quite approachable, and you can gently touch them. This one-on-one interaction will also be captured by an expert photographer. Following the meeting with snow penguins at Ski Dubai, spend some time to watch them dive and play in the pool. Watching the penguins at Ski Dubai paddle in the water, through the underwater glass wall will be extremely delightful. The way these birds swim through the water and teeter around on the deck is adorable and fascinating. After approximately 40 minutes have gone by, exit the extreme cold area, and change back into your own clothes. You can also purchase the souvenir photos before getting out of the thermal wear. This marks the end of this unforgettable experience, and in the future you may want to do more such things.


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Penguin Encounter at Ski Dubai

Price (Per Person):   ` 2,468
Duration:   1 Hr
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Duration: 40 Minutes
Location: Ski Dubai
Activity: Penguin Watching


NOTE: Cost considered at 1 USD = INR 68
Any incremental cost to be borne by the client should there be any change in rate of exchange at the time of booking.

**Activities are subject to availability at the time of booking.




  1. Entrance to penguin zone at Ski Dubai
  2. Use of thermal jacket, trousers, boots, gloves and socks


  1. Hotel pickup and drop-off
  2. Airfare
  3. Hotel stay and Transfers
  4. Food and drinks
  5. Lockers
  6. Souvenir photos (available to purchase)
  7. GST @ 5.0%

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