Beas Kund Trek

` 4,000   per person


Duration: 3 Days

Departure Dates
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Beas Kund trek gives you the chance to cross mountains and travel to the source of the Beas River. At the beginning of its course, it splits into numerous streams; some of which are formed by the melting of glaciers. Other small tributaries of the parent stream arise from a small yet spellbinding alpine lake.


You begin Beas Kund trekking from here, and negotiate a rigorous and long ascent to the camping spot of Bakartach. The following leg of the tour is lengthy, rigorous and scenically amazing. Making your way to the lake, you will come across many enchanting scenes, which you should take lots of photos of. After about five hours of keeping on the path, the Beas Kund trek package will finally bring you to the pond, and then back to Bakartach. The final phase of your excursion involves hiking down to Solang Valley and then driving to Manali.



Day 01:  Solang Valley - Dhundi 

As you arrive at Solang Valley on your own, you start trekking to Dhundi to Bakartach on the first day itself. You will first pass the enchanting valley of Solang, which is a popular holiday destination in India. From here, you will walk to the campsite. Dhundi is a scenic spot with the Beas River filled with boulders flowing through here, and forested hills lining its banks. In the distance, you will be able to see the peak of Hanuman Tibba. You now begin your Beas Kund trek, and in its first leg, trek to Dhundi. It is a gradual and long climb through the mountains to this picturesque camping site. You will absolutely love camping by the river, and listening to the sound of the water splashing on the rocks.

Day 02: Dhundi - Beas Kund - Dhundi
This is the longest, toughest and the most important section of the Beas Kund trekking as it will take you near the origin of the river and then back to Dhundi. Just as you reach a little higher from the starting point, amazing views start appearing. The place has a heap of boulders, and makes an excellent photography spot. Velvety slopes will be seen from here, and below them, fir and spruce trees will be easily distinguishable. From here, you will also be able to see where the tree line ends, and grasslands take over.

After admiring the views, resume your hike, and after a while, you will reach another viewpoint. From here, you will be able to see grassy mountain slopes with sparse shrubs. In the distance, you will see the glacier along with the river emerging from it. Beyond the glaciers, barren mountains will be visible. Continue your Beas Kund trekking tour and arrive at yet another bewitching spot. By now, you would have reached way beyond the point where trees stop growing. Here you will notice that even shrubs are getting smaller and scantier. The mountains surrounding this spot have certain landslide marks, which are full of rocks. If you look carefully at the slopes, then you will realise that beyond a certain height, the grass has also disappeared altogether, and only barren and sharp cliffs remain. At the highest reaches of the slopes, some amount of snow will be visible as well.

After walking for about four hours today on your Beas Kund trek package, you will finally reach your destination. Beas Kund is a small alpine lake, where the waters seem bright blue. The numerous small streams together making up the main river will be clearly distinguishable to you. Some arise from the nearby glaciers while others have their origin in the pond itself. You may also find vibrant purple wildflowers growing on the grasslands around the pond. Take pictures, relax by the lake and explore the area more. Post this picturesque extravaganza, hike down and return to Bakartach.


Day 03: Dhundi to Solang Valley | Drive to Manali
Begin the final stretch of your excursion by hiking downhill to Solang Valley.


Package Details

Beas Kund Trek

Price (Per Person):   ` 4,000
Duration:   3 Days
Cancellation Policy   |   Payment Policy

Maximum altitude: 3700 m
Grade: Moderate
Best Season: 

1st June to 15th Oct Every Saturday




  1. Tents on twin/triple sharing basis
  2. Meals from Day 1 Lunch to Last day breakfast
  3. Guide, cook and camp helpers
  4. Sleeping bags and carry mats and all other camping equipments.


  1. GST@ 5%
  2. Any expenses of personal nature like phone call etc.
  3. ​All tranportation to and from the base camp
  4. Any food and accommodation in towns
  5. All road head to road head transport will be on actuals. (Manali to Solang and Solang to Manali)
  6. Cost escalation due to change in itinenary Natural reason of unforeseen condition like Landslides , Road Blockage Bad Weather,Social or Politcal Urest, Strikes, sudden shut down of any govt office etc

Reviews for Beas Kund Trek

  • img

    What was fantastic was the team. Guide Devraj, the cook Inder and the help Janga. Komal from your team was extremely patient with us in helping select our destination and gave us enough options and customization options for us to choose a trek as per our needs. Thanks!

    Kirti Rawat
  • img

    Thank you Adventure Nation for this incredible experience! Perfect short trek for nature and peace lovers.

    Shivani Gupta
  • img

    Food was amazing! Arrangements by Adventure Nation made the trek more comfortable than expected!

  • img

    Any trek in Himachal Pradesh is a wonderful experience. This one stands out for me because it was so thoroughly planned out. I have been on a trek in Himachal before and that one was not nearly as smooth as this one went. The itinerary is amazing and so was the accommodation and food arrangements. Loved it. Thanks a lot for this.

    Hari Suresh
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    If you can you should take a joint trek to Beas Kund and Bhrigu Lake. You should check out Bhrigu Lake if you are so close to it. The trek to Beas Kund is FULL of the most picturesque routes I have seen in my life and I have traveled to so many places. This whole belt in the North India is just blessed with beauty. Thanks a lot for having me on board.

    Shashank Nadig
  • img

    Beas Kund trek is fantastic. I had been on Triund trek with Adventure Nation before. That one was also cool. This trek took us longer than that one but definitely worth all the money, energy and time spent. I came back looking so refreshed. I am going to go on some other trek with you guys soon. Thanks for this.

    Munaf Suri
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    You get to camp one night by the banks of River Beas! That is so cool. Best experience on this whole trek. The campsites are really really beautiful. So after a long day of trekking it is great for sure to just camp at such beautiful treks and unwind so that you can wake up for a bigger challenge the next day.

    Sahil Biswas

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