Kabbal Durga Night Trek

` 1,050   per person


Duration: 1 Day

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Treks are undertaken by many travellers, but treks in darkness are attempted by only the bravest and the most adventurous of all. Kabbal Durga night trek is your chance to undertake a walking expedition like never before. Kabbal Durga is a village, which has a temple and a fort. It lies about 80 km from Bengaluru, the state capital of Karnataka. The name of the site is a combination of the words Kabbalamma, who is the presiding deity of the temple and Durga, which means fort in the Hindi language. This night trek to Kabbal Durga will take you atop an approximately 250-metre high hillock, where the two sites are located.

Many devotees undertake the climb to pay homage to the goddess while others take the hike to see the old fort, which now is in ruins. The gradient of the slopes of this hillock is quite high. Climbs are attempted along only one of the four faces of the steep cliff. Kabbaldurga night trekking can take anywhere between 40 minutes to one-and-a-half hour, depending on your hiking ability. There are some highly essential things to keep in mind before attempting this slightly tough, but exciting excursion. You should be perfectly fit, and you should not be suffering from any bone-joint problem. As the path is quite rocky, it is important that your legs are able to negotiate the terrain without much difficulty.

Owing to the same reason, wear comfortable sport shoes, and preferably those that provide good traction. Fear of height is another thing that you should not be a victim of, for it may bar you from enjoying the trip. During this Kabbal Durga night trek, carrying a powerful torch is of utmost importance to see the trail in sufficient light. The expedition will be a bit gruelling, and you will feel exhausted; hence, carry enough water and energy-giving snacks. Remember to pack a raincoat as this area is prone to heavy rainfall.

When leaving for this night trek to Kabbal Durga, remember to pack whatever medicines you are using. You will enjoy many fun activities during your trip, and hence pack light and carry clothes that allow free movement. Another thing to carry along is a sleeping bag, as you will spend the night atop the hill itself, before coming down the next day. This short, but adrenaline-rushing Kabbaldurga night trekking will give you huge amounts of thrill, and also some beautiful views.


Day 01: Bengaluru - Kabbal Durga Base Camp - Kabbal Durga Top
9:30 PM: Assemble at the pre-designated spot in Bengaluru to be picked up by the tour operator. Begin the drive towards the base camp of the cliff.
11:30 PM: Reach the base camp and rest for a while before commencing your journey.
11:45 PM: Meet the rest of your Kabbal Durga night trek group, and get an introduction about the trip from your guide and team leader. Post the briefing session, warm up by exercising before you commence the tough walking excursion.
12:00 Midnight: After warming up, turn on your torches, start the night trek to Kabbal Durga and enjoy your adventurous experience.

You first walk on the slightly rugged terrain for roughly 1 km to reach the foot of the hill, from where the ascent begins. The path, starting from the foot of the cliff, is rocky, dusty, bushy and thorny, making the walk challenging. For the most part of Kabbaldurga night trekking, you will have to negotiate ascents with gradients up to 40 degrees. At certain points during the course of the tour, the gradient will increase to over 60 degrees!
After reaching the top, start a fire and take a much-needed rest. Post resting, look below at the valley and the shimmering villages and also at the stars in the sky. Later at night, get some sleep.

Day 02: Kabbal Durga Top – Bengaluru
Wake up to a beautiful sunrise, see the ruins of the fort and pay homage at the temple. After all this, enjoy some fun games, and then start hiking downhill. Have breakfast on reaching the base camp, and then depart for Bengaluru to reach by 11:00 AM.


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Kabbal Durga Night Trek

Price (Per Person):   ` 1,100
Duration:   1 Day
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Location: Kabbal Durga
Duration: 1 Night
Activities: Night Trekking, Bonfire

Departure Date:
February 6th, 26th, 2016




1. Transportation
2. Breakfast
3. Sleeping Bag


1. Personal Medicine
2. Beverages
3. Anything not mentioned in the Package
4. GST @ 5.0%

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