Kuntibetta Day Trek

` 1,500   per person


Duration: 1 Day

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A Kuntibetta day trek is a perfect trek to undertake, when you are really short on time and are craving from some adventure. The hill rises to a height of around 1000 feet from the ground, so a fair bit of climbing will be required to ascend to its top. It is believed that the Pandavas stayed here for a while during the course of their exile from Indraprastha; hence the name Pandavapura.

It is also believed that Bhima, the strongest of the Pandava brothers, killed the demon Bakasura at this site. There is a huge lake behind the hills, which when looked at from the top, makes a great sight. You can also visit a temple at the base of the cliffs that has a small pond of its own. Though the day trek to Kuntibetta is a short one, it has a fair share of rather difficult sections. Flat terrain will at once be taken over by high boulders at numerous junctures.

To go on a Kuntibetta day trek Bangalore, you will have to keep your fitness level high, as the climb will be tough, given the topographical nature of the hillocks. As the path will be rocky with a lot of loose soil, you will need good quality shoes. Carry enough water with you, for the journey will tire you and make you thirsty. You may be subject to strong sunlight, and hence you should bring a cap, goggles and an effective sunscreen lotion. Do not undertake a Kuntibetta day trekking tour without a camera because the magnificent sights during the journey will compel you to take photographs.


6:30 AM: Board a coach from the set spot in Bangalore and drive to the base of the cliff. Relish breakfast on the way.
10:00 AM: Reach your destination and rest.
10:15 AM: Attend the Kuntibetta day trek briefing, given by your guide or team leader. Post the briefing; indulge in a bit of exercise to warm up for the ensuing on-foot excursion.
10:30 AM: Start your day trek to Kuntibetta after loosening your muscles and bone-joints with the exercise.

The climb starts from the right side of the lake, and from here you start ascending a steep boulder. Tread along slowly and carefully as the gradient of the slope here is roughly 60 Degrees! All along the way, you will see huge boulders, and as you walk further, a panoramic view of the huge pond will appear. After a while, you will see an unassailable rock with a 90-Degree gradient. Turn right from here to continue your Kuntibetta day trek near Bangalore, and follow the path that leads to a thickly forested patch.

You will see a big rock after sometime, which you will need to climb from its right side. From atop this rock, the primary summit of the hillock is visible on the right, while a minor peak will be seen on the left. From this rock turn left, and follow the path that goes through an open area. After a while, the path will split into two, and you should stick to the one, going right.

A difficult section of this Kuntibetta day trekking tour will now ensue, as you will come across numerous bushy patches, which you will have to crawl through! You will also have to climb some rocks on the way, and as you come out of the bushes, you will see a lush valley. You will also see the same minor peak that you caught a glimpse of from the rock you climbed earlier.

Your final destination is close now, and to reach there, you will need to cross more boulders and crawl through bushes yet again. Upon reaching the peak, relax, look at the views and bask in the glory of your success before coming down and driving back to Bangalore.


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Kuntibetta Day Trek

Price (Per Person):   ` 1,500
Duration:   1 Day
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Location: Kuntibetta
Duration: 1 Day
Activities: Trekking, Rappelling, Kayaking, Swimming, Water Board

Departure Date:
February 20th, 2016




1. Transportation
2. Breakfast, Lunch


1. Personal Medicine
2. Beverages
3. Anything not mentioned in the Package
4. GST @ 5.0%

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