Kuntibetta Night Trek

` 1,500   per person


Duration: 1 Day

Departure Dates
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You can undertake a Kuntibetta night trek when you want to enjoy a short and fun vacation. The eponymous hill is located in the town of Pandavapura, and its elevation is approximately 1000 feet from the ground. The Pandava brothers are believed to have made the area their home while they were on their exile. Named after Kunti, the mother of Pandavas, the hill is little known, but a great hiking destination.

The demon, Bakasur is said to have been killed here by Bhima, the strongest and the second-oldest of the five brothers. An amazing site to see from the top of the hillock is a gigantic water reservoir, just behind it. At the base of the cliff is a temple, which has a small pond; you can pay homage here. The night trek to Kuntibetta might be short but some sections of the journey will be quite demanding. At certain points, dense bushes and rocks will overtake the flatter sections of the terrain.

A Kuntibetta night trek Bangalore can only be done as long as you are fit enough to negotiate this challenging expedition. Wear sturdy and flexible rubber shoes, and make sure that they provide you with adequate grip on the loose soil of the hill. The trip has the ability to tire and dehydrate you even in the absence of sunlight, so bring water along with you. Do not undertake a Kuntibetta night trekking tour without a torch because there will be no other source of light to illuminate your path.


9:00 PM: Reach the pick-up point and proceed towards the base of the hillock.
12:00 Midnight: On arrival at the destination, take some rest.
12:15 AM: Meet the rest of your hiking team and get briefing about the journey, given by the guide or trip leader. Exercise as a means of warming up for the expedition after getting all the necessary information pertaining to it.
12:30 AM: Begin your night trek to Kuntibetta after the warm up exercises.

You travel to the right of the pond to start the ascent, which will take you across a big rock. The slope-gradient of this boulder is almost 60 degrees, so take your time climbing it. Always keep your torch on as you will need to avoid hitting your head or tripping on big rocks along the trail.

Post treading along the path for a while, you will encounter a gigantic boulder, the angle of the face of which is perpendicular to the ground. Turn right from the rock and continue your Kuntibetta night trek Bangalore. Later, take the trail leading to a patch of thick bushes.

Post keeping on the track for some time, you will be required to climb a gigantic rock along its right face. Aim the torch to the right to see the main peak and to the left to catch a glimpse of a minor summit, once you are at the top. The track turns left from here, and it will bring you to a wide open area. When you see the path, dividing into two, pick the one that goes to the right.

A gruelling stretch of this Kuntibetta night trekking tour will now follow because now you will be required to lay flat on your stomach and crawl through dense bushes. This crawling will be contrasted by ascending to the top of numerous small and big boulders. You will come out of the bushes after a while and from the opening, the minor peak that you saw from the rock, you ascended before, will be visible again.

The main peak will be close now, and as you make your final ascent, you will have to crawl through dense bushes and climb some more rocks. After conquering the cliff of Kunti, breathe in the air of your success and look at tiny lights coming from the villages below.

Later in the day, make your way back to the base, and drive to Bangalore.


Package Details

Kuntibetta Night Trek

Price (Per Person):   ` 1,500
Duration:   1 Day
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Location: Kuntibetta
Duration: 1 Night
Activities: Night Trekking, Bonfire





1. Transportation ex bangalore
2. Breakfast
3. Sleeping Bag
4. Water activities like kayaking 
5. Camp Fire.


1. Personal Medicine
2. Beverages
3. Anything not mentioned in the Package

Reviews for Kuntibetta Night Trek

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    Trip was nice experience especially in summer season. A brilliantly organized and was wonderful experience indeed.

    Shashank Shree
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    It was a surprise for me from my friends and I loved it! Beautiful place it was. The night trek is a different experience. We all had so much fun!

    Smriti Jain
  • img

    Just wow! Never had this adventurous trek in my life! The night trek just fills you up with thrill! Memorable trip it was. Go prepared for the night, it gets a bit chilly.

    Ahmed Zafir

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