Ramanagara Kuntibetta Trek

` 2,950   per person


Duration: 2 Days

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A Ramanagara Kuntibetta trek gives you the dual opportunity to hike to the top of a magnificent hill and explore one of the most iconic villages in India. The former landform rises to about 1000 feet above the ground and is located in a town, known as Pandavapura. It is believed that the Pandavas stayed in the area for some time as part of their 13-year exile from their kingdom of Indraprastha. During this time, Bhima, who was the strongest of the five brothers, is believed to have killed Bakasura, a man-eating demon, at this site. The hill has been named after their mother Kunti; the reason for which is not completely known.

The Ramanagara Kuntibetta trek will give you panoramic views of the hilly countryside and a reservoir behind the cliff. You may also visit a temple at the foot of the hillock to pray for good luck before commencing the uphill walk. It may be a short excursion, but it will bring loads of challenges. Some sections of the path will be flat and barren, while others will be obscured by thick grasses. Wear durable and flexible shoes, and prefer those with good soles to give you a good grip over the rock and soil. Carry sufficient drinking water whether participating in the hike during the day or at night as you will feel tired during it.

You will have to do a lot of stretching and twisting; hence, it is essential that you wear comfortable clothing. If your Ramanagara Kuntibetta trek is being held during the day, then carry tinted goggles, sunscreen lotion and a cap. An electric torch with unused batteries will become the most important accessory to bring along if you are venturing there at night. The fleeting reflection of the sun, coming from the moon, will not be enough to illuminate the trail, and therefore you will need an alternative source of light. Remember that the moon may be enveloped in clouds, which will make the bringing along of a flash light even more important.

The other place that this Ramanagara Kuntibetta trek will take you to is the village of Ramanagara, where the Bollywood movie Sholay was primarily shot. The area has a number of hills and gigantic boulders that serve as popular hiking destinations for adventure enthusiasts. Locals believe that the hillocks resemble Hindu deities, and therefore they are revered. This religious significance has been heightened manifold by the fact that many cliffs have Hindu temples on their summits. Indian and Egyptian vultures nest in the area, and owing to this reason, the Karnataka Government has brought it under its protection.


Day 01:
6:30 AM: Reach the spot in Bengaluru, and board a coach to travel to Ramanagara.
8:30 AM: On arrival at the campsite in the village, get some rest and then relish breakfast.

After breakfast, begin the Ramanagara Kuntibetta trek from the base of the hillock. Start climbing from the right side of the lake, crossing a huge rock in the beginning. Upon finding a huge boulder in your way, turn right and head towards dense bushes. After a while, you will find another gigantic rock, and you will have to ascend to its top, treading along its right face. Look at the main summit from the top of this boulder, and then continue your Ramanagara Kuntibetta trek by going left from here.

You will then reach an open area, beyond which the trail will divide into two. Tread on the path, going right, and after sometime, you will need to crawl on your stomach to make your way through thick bushes. A few more rocks will have to be ascended before you ultimately reach the main summit.

2:30 PM: Return to the base and enjoy lunch. After lunch, take part in some more adventure activities, following it up with tea and travelling back to Ramanagara.
9:00 PM: Relish a tasty dinner and then stay overnight in tents.

Day 02:
6:00 AM: Wake up and after freshening up, have tea. Post getting re-energised, take part in outdoor sports.
8:00 AM: After having fun with the provided activities, have a nourishing breakfast. Later, start your journey back to Bengaluru.


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Ramanagara Kuntibetta Trek

Price (Per Person):   ` 2,950
Duration:   2 Days
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Location: Ramanagara, Kuntibetta
Duration: 1 Night / 2 Days
Activities: Trekking, Rappelling, Camping, Kayaking, Swimming




1. Transportation
2. 2 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
3. Sleeping Bag


1. Personal Medicine
2. Beverages
3. Anything not mentioned in the Package
4. GST @ 5.0%

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