Rangaswamy Betta Night Trek

` 1,050   per person


Duration: 1 Day

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If you feel like doing something out of the ordinary, then you can go on Rangaswamy Betta night trek. When most people sleep in the comforts of their homes, you would be out exploring the wilderness! Get your backpacks on, let your adrenaline rush and then step into the night. During the expedition, you will come across several rocks, blind curves, steep ascents and significant trenches on your way that you will have to negotiate in the absence of proper light. During the journey, the moon and millions of stars may be visible, making the night beautiful.

The night trek to Rangaswamy Betta is not a difficult one as the hill rises to a height of about 3780 feet above sea level. This height is not too much to induce altitude sickness in you. At the summit, there is a huge granite boulder, which houses a Hindu temple at its base, and so the destination draws lots of pilgrims as well. Nature lovers are attracted to the site owing to its beauty and the hordes of animals that live in the area. On the excursion, you may get to see Asian elephants, which are found in plenty here, and also some other animals, which are endemic to the area.

The best time to undertake Rangaswamy Betta night trekking is after the monsoons as the surrounding forests will be lush by then. If you go on the trip during the rainy season, then the path will be quite slippery, and this may create risks of injury. Regardless of which season you pick for the expedition, you will still have to be completely fit. You may start exercising before embarking on the tour to improve the condition of the bone joints in your legs, and to make the muscles of your arms stronger. Wearing comfortable and flexible shoes with grip-providing soles is important to conquer the loose soil and smooth granite trail.

You cannot attempt the hike without a powerful electric torch because it may be the only source of light, making the path somewhat visible to you. Also bring along sufficient water and some nourishing snacks to get recharged during or after the trip. Sleeping bags will be provided to you, for after conquering the summit, you will camp here at night.


9:30 PM: Gather at the scheduled spot in Bengaluru, and board a coach to drive to the base of the hillock.
11:30 PM: Reach your first destination post a road journey of approximately two hours. On reaching, get some rest in the tents.
11:45 PM: Attend the tour briefing, being given by your Rangaswamy Betta night trek guide, and then exercise as part of an essential warm up.
12:00 Midnight: Begin walking to the top of the cliff after the introductory briefing and exercise.

The roughly 2-km long night trek to Rangaswamy Betta starts with you walking on a level path for about half-a-kilometre. The track begins on an open land, which does not bear a thick vegetation. After approximately 0.5 km of easy hiking, the path takes you inside a dense forest. Beginning from this point, the elevation starts to increase, and the expedition becomes a bit demanding.

For a major part of this Rangaswamy Betta night trekking trip, the track winds upwards along the slope of the hill. At certain junctures, the climb is so steep that you will have to lay down flat on your stomach and crawl your way up. This crawling is contrasted at numerous points by short, flat stretches of the trail. After a total uphill walk of approximately 2 km, you reach the summit and see the gigantic granite rock and the temple underneath it.

Upon completing the ascent, relax and look at the village below. Then start a bonfire and rest by the warming fire in the sleeping bags provided to you.

9:00 AM: Relish breakfast after you reach the campsite, and then drive back to Bengaluru.
11:30 AM: Reach Bengaluru.


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Rangaswamy Betta Night Trek

Price (Per Person):   ` 1,050
Duration:   1 Day
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Location: Rangaswamy Betta
Duration: 1 Night
Activities: Night Trekking, Bonfire




1. Transportation
2. Breakfast
3. Sleeping Bag


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4. GST @ 5.0%

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