Sar Pass Trek

` 7,999   ` 5,699  per person


Duration: 5 Days

Departure Dates
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Trekking to the Himalayas in India is an experience of a lifetime and a mélange of adventure and self-realization! You’ll not only discover some beautiful places, but you will rediscover yourself amidst the beauty of the majestic Himalayan ranges! Just remember it’s not about the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. Every mountain is reachable if you just keep walking towards it. If your passion starts with adventure and trekking then this is the best way to get away from all that stress of the noisy cities. Take the adventure of trekking to Sar Pass, a place that offers eternal beauty, tranquility, and adventure.


Take in the beauty of enchanting vistas of Kasol and start walking towards Grahan Village through the verdant forest! The next day, the steeper trail into the forest will take you to the Nagaru Campsite. The enthralling views of Parvati Valley will leave you breathless. An early morning trek via Biskeri Thatch will take you to the magical Sar pass!

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Detailed Itinerary for Sar Pass Trek:


Day 01: Kasol to Grahan Village (2347m)

Distance/Duration - 7km / 4-5 Hours
Grade - Easy

Meet our team at the decided location in Kasol and start your exciting Sar pass trek! The easy trail towards Grahan village, which is frequently used by locals, will take you through pine forests. In a couple of hours, you will be able to cover much of the distance as the trail is easy to climb. After reaching the Grahan Nahal, the trail becomes rocky and steep. The locals say that the Rhododendron petals can be eaten whole and the syrup can be mixed with water to make a refreshing drink. You may definitely try that when in the Himalayas!  The steep climb of an hour will take you to your destination for the day. Reach Grahan Village by evening and freshen up. Have your dinner and stay overnight in the camps.

Day 02: Grahan Village to Min Thatch (11,150ft)

Distance/Duration - 5km / 4-5 Hours
Grade - Easy

Start your trek towards the north of the camping ground at Grahan. You will bump into many locals on the way using the Min Thatch trail. After walking a little more, you will see the Min Thatch top, Nagaru top, and Sar top on the mountains. The trail will take you through the woods. Remember to stay with your group here as the trail becomes denser and a bit confusing. Cross the lush green forest and reach Min Thatch. Admire the Chanderkhani stretch and many more ranges from the campsite at Min Thatch. Have your dinner and stay overnight at the camps.

Day 03: Min Thatch to Nagaru (3810m)

Distance/Duration - 2km / 4-5 Hours
Grade - Moderate

Have your breakfast and trek through the pastoral forest covered with snow from Min Thatch to Nagaru. You will have to be careful on this trail as there are steep slopes and the snow will make the trek difficult here. After a relatively difficult trek for 4-5  hours, you will finally reach the Nagaru campsite. Enjoy the mesmerising vistas of magnificent mountains across the Parvati valley. See the small glittering lights of the Manikaran town as the night sets in. It gets extremely chilly in the evening. Stay overnight at the campsite.

Day 04: Nagaru to Biskeri Thatch (3353m) via Sar Pass

Distance/Duration - 6.5km / 6-8 Hours
Grade - Moderate

Rise and shine early morning to start your trek. Climb up through the snow trails and admire the dazzling peaks of Tosh Valley. After climbing for a few hours, you will reach the Sar Pass top (4222m). The exhilarating view from the top of Sar Pass will leave you spellbound! Spend some time there and take in the beauty of the place. Later, climb down towards Biskeri and enjoy the natural slide down to the valley.. The downhill slide is almost half a km and will provide you with an exhilarating adventure. Walk for an hour and cross some magical water streams to reach the Biskeri Thatch campsite by evening. Take a rest and have dinner. Stay overnight at the Biskeri Thatch campsite.

Day 05: Biskeri Thatch to Kasol via Barshaini

Distance/Duration - 5km Trek (4 Hours), 16km Drive (45 Minutes)
Grade - Easy

See the splendid views of lofty mountains and pine forests from Biskeri Thatch! Start trekking downhill through the dense forest, crossing a stream, and then reach Pulga. The twin villages Pulga and Tulga are separated by a stream. Cross the bridge on the Parvati River to reach the Barshaini Village. Your vehicle will be waiting for you there to drive you to Kasol. Your amazing trek to the Sar pass concludes here.

FAQs for Sar Pass Trek

1) What is the best season to visit Sar Pass?
The best time to trek to Sar Pass is from Mid-April to June. Early in the season, the amount of snow on the passes and even the trail is much more than the latter part of the season.

2) What is the required level of fitness for the trek?
Sar Pass Trek is moderate and having a decent level of fitness is important. The average number of hours spent trekking is around 6 to 7 and the trail is not so technical so anyone with little experience or even no experience can do this trek. Although, beginners are advised to prepare for a few weeks to gain the basic level of fitness.

3) What is the weather like during the open season?
The weather, during the day, remains mostly pleasant throughout the open season but it gets relatively cold during the evenings and early mornings. The temperature during the trek stays between 12 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius during the daytime. At night, the temperature can range anywhere between -2 degrees Celsius and 6 degrees Celsius. Early in the season, there’s always a possibility of snowfall so carrying an extra layer of thermals and a raincoat is extremely important.

4) Can we rent/buy equipment for the trek in Kasol?
Kasol is a popular destination for adventure travelers and acts as the base camp for the Sar Pass Trek. But being a small town, you may or may not find technical trekking equipment like shoes and trekking poles. It is advisable to bring the trekking gear with you before leaving for the base camp.

5) What makes Sar Pass an extremely popular trek?
Although Sar Pass is only open for a few months every year, its popularity is no less than any summer Himalayan trek. It also happens to be one of the few treks where there’s a lot of snow even in the months of April and May. Sar Pass also has a long natural snow slide between the Sar Top and Biskeri Thatch. 

6) Can I reach Kasol on Day 2 and start the trek?
No, you need to spend at least one day in Kasol to get acclimatized before embarking on this Himalayan expedition. Starting the trek on the very first day of reaching the base camp will increase your chances of getting sick from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).


Package Details

Sar Pass Trek

Price (Per Person):   ` 7,999
Duration:   5 Days
Cancellation Policy   |   Payment Policy

Arrival/ Finish Location - Kasol

Level: Moderate
Maximum Altitude: 13800 Feet
Best Time to Go: April to June
Region: Shivalik ranges, Himachal Pradesh
Total Trekking Distance: Apprx 40 to 50 Kms 





  1. Accommodation - From Day 01 to day 04, stay is provided in sharing tents. Toilet tents are pitched at every campsite.
  2. Meals - Veg/Jain food from Day 01 Lunch to Day 05  Breakfast
  3. Trekking Stick: Wooden trekking stick is provided.
  4. Professional and Certified guides.
  5. Forest permission/camping charges.
  6. Availability of portable oxygen cylinder
  7. Transportation from Barshaini to Kasol.


  1. 5% GST
  2. Transportation to reach Kasol
  3. Accommodation in Kasol - We recommend one night stay before the trek for acclimatization
  4. Travel insurance
  5. No Airfare or transportation or extra over and above the expedition
  6. Cost incured due to any Emergency
  7. Personal Porter Charges
  8. Bottled water.
  9. Any personal expense.
  10. Cost escalation due to change in itinerary Natural reason of unforeseen conditions like Landslides, Road Blockage, Bad Weather, Social or Political Unrest, Strikes, sudden shut down of any govt office etc 

Reviews for Sar Pass Trek

  • img

    have booked through Adventure Nation before when I went on my first trek. It had been amazing, I was expecting the same this time. And it was, the guides, the camps and the food, everything was perfect. Sar Pass is one of the beautiful treks I have been to, must go!

    Avinash Surendran
  • img

    It couldn?t have been better. This is my third trek through you guys and I always get the best service. Camps and sleeping bags were clean. Wonderful experience.

    Vatsala Roy
  • img

    My second trek through you guys! Couldn't have been more exhilarating an experience! Loved everything about it. Sar Pass trek in Kasol is a brilliant trek to go on if you're just starting out as a trekker. And make sure you visit at such a time that you get to see the snow trails because that is a beautiful sight to look at. But it will also make the trekking considerably difficult, especially right before you reach the campsite at Nagaru. So beware. Otherwise, this is the best trek you could ask for. And so budget-friendly! The way onward to Biskeri ridge is absolutely beautiful!

    Varun Sharma
  • img

    The food was great, the distances supposed to be trekked were fairly divided in six days. I loved how supportive the guides were through all of it. A lot of us on the Sar Pass trek were beginners so it was very important that they be a little more supportive and considerate than usual. We were all made feel safe and weren't made to exert more than needful and keep a moderate pace. I'd been to Kasol before so I could very well imagine what higher up would look like covered in snow. And it was better than what I had in mind! There's forests, wide and far reaching meadows with sky-high peaks in the backdrop, what's there not to like about this Sar Pass trek!!! Make sure to at least exercise for a few days before you are ready to go on this trek because even though it's a relatively simple trek, it can be difficult if you are not fit enough to do it.

    Kiran Chugh
  • img

    This was my first time with Adventure Nation. I have been on total one trek before this one. Sar Pass trek was a great decision but I am all the more thankful to Adventure Nation for being so helpful throughout the process of booking. I have no complaints about the guides or the supplies made available to us on the trek. The sleeping bags, tents, food quality was better than expected. Definitely a one-time go! Only because of how beautiful the whole journey was!!! I loved trekking in Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh. It was refreshing and so worth it! My best memory is looking at the sparsely but beautifully lit Manikaran town from above when we were on the Nagaru campsite. What a great view! Will recommend this trek and you guys to friends who want to start trekking! Thanks a lot!

    Yashwant Agarwal
  • img

    Best trek in the Himachali region! The snow is everywhere! And it's so pretty to look at and walk on. The whole trek route was covered in snow when we visited this place but this trek isn't difficult to accomplish at all. I loved staying in Parvati Valley, one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in my life. Would love to go back. You can also just plan a trip to Kasol and then go on this trek and come back to Kasol to stay there for a day or two because that place is also amazing and so cheap! Best experience money can buy!

    Praveen Nayak
  • img

    Sar Pass trek is unimaginable in its beauty! What an experience it has been to be a part of your Sar Pass trek organized a while back. Thank you Adventure Nation. I found out about you through your Instagram. Special thanks to your operations team for resolving my booking issues immediately and guiding us thoroughly before we even got there! The guide was great, the food arrangement was also good. The trek is easy to do but my friend says it was a little difficult for him. There are certain parts of the trek that might be tough to scale for some people, if you are a beginner, but overall it is an easy and cherishable experience!

    Monish Babu
  • img

    Sar Pass trek definitely brought some great experiences my way. Made some really good friends and we have already planned a trek soon to another place in Himachal Pradesh. I reached the pick up from Delhi on a bus and then taxi. The best part was I felt safe on the trek and the arrangements made were good. I loved the overall vibe of the place! It is a snow covered place and I just loved loved the beauty of it! The whole scene was enthralling. Thanks.

    Rahul Jain
  • img

    Camping in Ramsu and Grahan are phenomenal experiences. The art and the satisfaction of star gazing is dying in modern times but you gotta check out the starry skies when you are out there. You feel like you are one with the world. The campsites, even on ground level, are so beautiful. Basically, I had the time of my life!

    Kabeer Purohit
  • img

    Sar Pass trek is a fantastic trek if you want some easy to do adventure in Parvati valley. You can obviously taste the local cuisines also once you are out here. There are some really famous cafes that you should research about and check out. Love this place. Will always come back to it in times of need of an adventure.

    Beena Mandal

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