Speed Boat Ride and Water Sports in Mumbai

` 2,791   per person


Duration: 1 Day

Departure Dates
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People visit Mumbai to be a part of its rich culture, to see its popular tourist attractions or on business tours. The city is located on the Arabian Sea coast; hence, it has a number of beaches. Ferry rides, boat cruises and water sports are three of the best ways to enjoy leisure time on the sea, while you are in this metropolitan. A popular place for water sports in Mumbai is Mandwa Beach, located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. Though the seafront is connected to the city by road; ferries and speed boats have been the preferred means to travel between these places.

Both the vessels can be boarded from the jetties near Gateway of India, which can be chosen depending upon how much time you have. We offer you a speed boat ride from Mumbai to Mandwa and water sports. A ferry will take approximately one hour to transport you from Mumbai to Mandwa, while a speed boat will accomplish the same task in around 20 minutes. With this tour, you can experience the adrenaline rush of many thrilling water sports, so as to enjoy to the fullest. During this approximately three hours programme, you will enjoy jet skiing, banana ride, kayaking and bumper ride.

In this speed boat ride package, you will board from Mumbai and travel to Mandwa, where you will enjoy water sports like Jet Skiing, Banana Ride, Kayaking and Bumper Ride. This will be an adrenline pumping tour as you have an entire day on water enjoying various activities. You will start from 7 in the morning and end at 7 in the evening. Here are the details of the activities you would be experiencing;

Jet Ski
A jet ski is a small motorboat, steered via handlebars more like a motorcycle than a boat. You can either sit on the seat or stand to increase the adventure level. Such marine vessels often attain a good speed, and this is the reason why they are popular for recreational activity. Before you begin participating in such water sports on Mandwa Beach, remember to know every little detail about jet skiing from the professionals. Attend a safety briefing if possible, so that you know the dos and don’ts while steering the ski.

Banana Ride
During this sport, you will sit on a banana-shaped inflatable rubber boat, connected by strings to a motorboat. The speed boat will sail fast on the sea and will take sharp turns. It is a bit like rodeo, where the bull, real or mechanical, jumps, twists and throws the rider off. Hold on to the bars in front of your seat, and try to maintain your balance as the banana flips and turns. The idea is to not be thrown off into the sea even in the severest of twists and turns. You will only be allowed on the banana-shaped boat if you are older than 4 years of age.

Kayaking is one activity that will make you do a lot of physical work. A kayak is a narrow vessel with a hole in the middle where participants sit. Such boats may be made of fibre glass, plastic or wood. You row and steer the kayak with the help of a long shaft with paddles on both its ends. Kayaks are used to navigate calm seas as well as turbulent rivers, containing white water rapids.

Bumper Ride
Bumper boats are medium-sized inflatable rubber structures, connected to speed boats. The speeding power boat travels on waves, and as a result the bumper boats jump off the water surface. When this happens, the participants of the bumper boats get the feeling of being in flight, and then they come down with force, splashing into seawater. While coming down, the riders experience an increased gravitational force, and they feel adrenaline rush through their body.

As all these water sports on Mandwa Beach Mumbai carry a bit of danger, it is essential to always wear life jackets, goggles and helmets while enjoying them.


Package Details

Speed Boat Ride and Water Sports in Mumbai

Price (Per Person):   ` 2,791
Duration:   1 Day
Cancellation Policy   |   Payment Policy

Location: Mumbai
Duration: 1 Day
Activities: Speed Boat, Jet Ski, Banana Ride, Kayaking, Bumper Ride
Timing: 7 AM - 7 PM

Total cost for the boat up to 6 persons - Rs. 10000
Cost per person for water sports - Rs. 1125




1. Speed Boat ride from Mumbai to Mandwa and back
2. Water sports activities like jet ski, bumper ride, banana ride, kayaking
3. Snacks


1. GST @ 5.0%
2. Air/Train fare
3. Anything not mentioned under the head inclusions
4. Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary / stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, road blocks and / or any factors beyond control
5. The tariff does not include barbecue, personal expenses like telephone, laundry etc.

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