Ultralight Pilot Training and Licence

` 320,000   per person


Duration: 25 Hrs

Departure Dates
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We provide Ultralight Aircraft Training and offer Ultralight Pilot Licence (UPL) for all, upon successful completion of training on Weight Shift or 3-Axis Aircrafts. Training can be carried out entirely on our own aircrafts from our own private training airfield in Pokhara, Nepal.

Our courses are designed in accordance with Civil Aviation Rules and Requirements and are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. Onsite accommodation (budget hotels/tented camps) is available if required. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) will issue UPL Licence.

The ground courses of 16 hours are available for you to be able to complete your full pilot certificate and cover every aspect of flying. We offer a complete package and the course can be tailored to suit your requirements. From having a trial flight, conversion course, ground tuition, exams, general flying test, radio course and certificate and cross country endorsement, you can choose what you like (one or more).

We offer a modern, fully certified training facility, which includes:
The latest model, fully certified and meticulously maintained aircraft
Clean and security monitored hangar
Air-conditioned classrooms
450 meters private airstrips for training

To be able to obtain a pilot certificate for an Ultralight the student must be over the age of 18, in good health (i.e. Class II medical), 12th grade passed or equivalent level of education and at least operation level (4) of English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT).

Dressing appropriately is extremely important. Even though Ultralight cabins are heated, it can get chilly in winters, so it is advised to dress warmly in a windproof or fleece jacket/track suit or sweaters. Sturdy and comfortable shoes are a must. Flying suits for trainee pilots are available with us at reasonable prices. We provide helmets with headsets.

We use the A22 Foxbat (AEROPRAKT) Ultralight for 3-axis training. For weight shift training we use Cruise and Air Borne models, which are known for their ease of handling and simplicity. This is the same way we approach our theory training. We provide all of the theory required to obtain your pilots certificate and a considerable amount of time to give you the confidence to fly safely.

The School operates mainly every day, depending upon the weather conditions and the rush of air traffic at Pokhara airport. Actual course times vary with each student; the minimum legal requirement is that each student must complete 25 hours of flight tuition of which 15 hours must be solo. It is not necessary that everyone may achieve a pilot certificate in 25 hours, as this is usually not the case. 25 40 hours training is required for most students to achieve the required proficiency.

After completing the training with us, we will issue Club's Certificate and provide the recommendation letter for issuing Ultralight Pilot Licence to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, CAAN.


Package Details

Ultralight Training Course

Price (Per Person):   ` 320,000
Duration:   25 Hrs
Cancellation Policy   |   Payment Policy

1. FOR BASIC ZERO LEVEL STUDENTS: The training is done within the scope of general course of the private pilot training program. Post the ground classes; training flights are done with a Flight Instructor, followed by solo flight(s). The total number of training flying hours is 25.
COST Rs. 3,20,000

2. CONVERSION COURSES: The PPL/CPL holder can easily apply for UPL licence from CAAN after completion of 5 hours of flight training course.
***Price on request.

3. ADVANCE COURSES: We provide advanced tailor made courses for Pilots holding UPL licence and wanting to fly at higher altitudes. These courses include flying over the 8000 meters mountains in the Annapurna/Dhaulagiri/Manaslu region. We even do flights to their base camps. We also specialize in providing various Cross Country flights (from one airport to another inside Nepal) as well. This advance level training can be adjusted as per your time availability.
***Price on request.




1. Ground Training: 20 hours
2. Flight Training : 25 Hours
3. Exam preparation
4. Cost of CAAN Exam and Licence


1. Travel and Accommodation
2. Taxes GST @ 5.0% (Government Service Tax)
3. Insurance
4. Any other personal costs

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